My Journey to the Place to B! Interview experience of an IIMB Student

Purvi Jain shares how she cracked her interview and WAT at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) in 2016, along with several handy tips.

“What Interview Panels want”: An IIM Calcutta Interview Experience

Aman Bedi's article uniquely captures the mindset of the IIM Calcutta Panel & the flow of the PI in precise details. A great read for all MBA aspirants.

5 steps that helped me ace my IIM Interview!

Know some crucial steps that helped Nehanjali Srinivasan crack her IIM interview and which can also help you master your interviews.


ISB - MBA gave me what anything else couldn't - My Experience

Simerpreet Singh talks about his stint at ISB - Networking opportunity, Diverse Experiences, and Insights on different corporate practices.

My Journey from a PSU to ISB - EXPLORE YOURSELF

Shriwant Choudhary moved from a PSU to ISB and shares his challenges and learnings. He also describes what makes ISB unique and its MBA Philosophy.

ISB Selection Process & Software to MBA - My Journey

Apoorva Mishra, ISB Hyderabad, shares his journey from a job in Software to MBA in ISB - GMAT, Essays, Interviews, at MentorYes.

ISB Selection Process & Software to MBA - My Journey

Apoorva Mishra, ISB Hyderabad, shares his journey from a job in Software to MBA in ISB - GMAT, Essays, Interviews, at MentorYes.

Keep these in mind while applying to ISB - MentorYes

Kunal Anand shares tips for admissions to ISB - Decide Early, Know Yourself, Make a List, Don’t do the Cliché, Attend Events, & Diversity, at MentorYes.

Core Finance to Indian School of Business (ISB) - My Journey

Mayank Sharma's journey from a Finance job to MBA at ISB - he shares his GMAT, Essay and Interview tips with all MBA aspirants at MentorYes.

Ace GMAT without Coaching - Advice, Tips by ISB-YLP selected candidate (YLP)

GMAT does not require coaching, says Manpreet S Mokha, who scored 750/800 & got selected to ISB-YLP. He shares his preparation tips and advice to ace GMAT.



My Tricky FMS Interview - From Mythology to Management

Aman Bedi's article captures his FMS Interview & the flow of the PI in precise details. A great read for all MBA aspirants.

5 most important tips to crack FMS Interview - MentorYes

Abhay Agarwal, FMS Delhi, shares his own experiences and Top 5 tips for aspirants – Read up, Have Opinions, Don’t rush, No Panic and Honesty. Read more.


My GD was a Fish Market – How I made it to MDI!

Vivek Kalra talks about how he aced his GD, especially given that it became a noisy fish market - useful learning for all MBA aspirants.

Cracking MDI Gurgaon - How I aced my Group Discussion & Interview

Vivek Agarwal talks about the 3 steps of MDI selection process - Group Discussion, Summarising the GD and Personal Interview.

GD-PI-WAT Process at MDI Gurgaon - My Experience

Kashish Narula shares his experience of GD-PI-WAT at MDI Gurgaon, one of the most reputed B-schools of the country, at MentorYes.

MDI – My Selection Story & Advice to MBA Aspirants

Bhavuk Pujara shares his journey to MDI, Gurgaon. "The Panel is there to select us and not reject us." - valuable advice to all MBA aspirants.


GD-WAT-PI Experience of a successful IIFT Delhi student.

Prakhar Agrawal shares his secret of acing IIFT, "Introspect before you start filling up the CV form & practice GDs in the actual format" - & Be confident!

I didn't crack my IIFT Interview. 6 things I learnt & how that helped me later.

Pranay Mehta shares his learnings from his first failed interview and how you can use those to ace your interviews.

Acing GD-PI and WAT! Experience of an IIFT Student

Sehajdeep Singh talks about his experiences and tips that can pave way for a candidate in clearing the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade selection process.

IIFT Results - Start preparing for Interview, GD, Essays - MentorYes

IIFT's MBA (International Business) exam results are out. Check the results here. Preparing for GD, Interview and Essay for selection to IIFT? Get a Mentor.



Things not to ignore at an SPJIMR Interview - MentorYes

Sahej Abrol writes about the small things that affected his selection to SPJIMR. Do you know how to avoid the same mistakes?


Master GD, WAT & PI - Experience of a successful NITIE student

Soumyadip Choudhury shares critical tips for GD, WAT & PI and shares his experiences in NITIE and New IIM processes. Don't miss this.


Becoming an IITian. My Journey to SJMSOM - MentorYes

Know how 20 minutes of your interview can make or break your career - Annant Jain's experiences of finally becoming an IITian (SJMSOM).


From Sociology to HR at TISS Mumbai - My Journey

Sanah Behera talks about how a clear mind and belief in one’s strengths and desire to pursue a career in HR would help in clearing TISS HR round.

Pre Interview Test (PIT) for TISS Mumbai - My Journey

Sanah Behera talks about PIT - the last but one step for getting into TISS, which includes either a GD or a written test or both, at MentorYes.

TISSNET 2017 - Application Process for Tata Institute of Social Sciences

TISS/Tata Institute of Social Sciences, one of the most popular institutes for Social Sciences, conducts TISSNET for admissions to PG courses. How to apply.


The Secret of Cracking HR Interviews - MentorYes

TR Srinath shares the secrets behind his 100% interview conversation record – useful for all HR rounds of MBA Interviews and Jobs Interviews.

4 Hacks to crack any Group Discussion - MentorYes

4 hacks you need to ace any GD by Nehanjali – Treat it as a friendly conversation, Give a structure, Take notes and Be nice – Simple, isn’t it?

Cracking the MBA Code - My Journey to MDI Gurgaon

Prathmesh Deshmukh of MDI Gurgaon writes about his experience of cracking CAT, XAT and SNAP - which got him calls from XLRI, MDI, NMIMS, IMT, etc.

Ready compilation of FAQs for GWPI by MDI Gurgaon student.

An extensive and handy collection of questions that are usually asked in different interview processes - useful for every MBA aspirant, by Kashish Narula.


Top 100 Topics for MBA GDs, Interviews and WAT - MentorYes

Curated list of topics you should definitely look up if you are appearing for GD-PI-WAT for any of the top Bschools in India this year.

Global MBA Rankings 2017 - IIMA, B, C, ISB in Top 100 Bschools

Global MBA Rankings 2017 by the Financial Times features Insead on top, with IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta and ISB also in the top 100 rankings.

CAT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT for MBA 2017 - What to do in the days to the exam

Appearing for CAT, XAT, SNAP or any MBA entrance exam? With days to go, here's what you can do to ensure you achieve your peak form in the entrance exam!

5 Ways to Manage Pressure in MBA Entrance Exams - MentorYes

MBA Exam - CAT, XAT, SNAP, etc. - are just round the corner. Some pressure is good, but too much can ruin things. How to beat exam stress - a few pointers.

An Insider View from IIMA - Student explains why he chose to do an MBA

Chinmay Das, IIMA, explains why he decided to do an MBA immediately after graduating and what differentiates a B-School grad from others. An insider view.

Mocks are all-important to crack CAT - MentorYes

CAT is not as tough as it is commonly perceived to be - says Akshay Raghunath, IIMA. Practicing mock exams makes you faster & more comfortable with CAT.

The 1-2-3 Strategy to Crack CAT - MentorYes

Chinmay Das, IIMA, shares his 1-2-3 strategy to crack CAT. He explains how he optimized his productivity in the exam to score a 99+ percentile in CAT 2015.

The Last Mile – Exam Strategy is everything in CAT - MentorYes

Saransh Agrawal, IIM Bangalore, shares his views on Building and Testing CAT Exam Strategy + shares 5 special tips for preparing with just a month to go.

6 tips to ace the CAT with a Crazy Office Schedule - MentorYes

Sarthak Saneja, IIM Ahmedabad, shares his experiences preparing for CAT along with a hectic worklife, and offers 6 tips for IIM aspirants to crack the CAT.

CAT 2016 - Key Dates - MentorYes

Know the key dates for CAT 2016 and don't miss any deadline. For advice and tips on cracking CAT 2016 & making to the IIMs, contact us.

CAT 2016 - All you need to know - MentorYes

CAT 2016 will be held on Dec 4, 2016 for admissions to the IIMs at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Lucknow, etc. Know all about the exam here.

How I cracked CAT after CA - MentorYes

Raunak Bhiwal, IIMA, shares his experiences preparing for CAT, with his CA background. He speaks of possible pitfalls and how to overcome them too.


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How to Deal with a Difficult Boss - MentorYes

4 ways to deal with a difficult boss - Put yourself in his shoes, Acclimatize yourself to his communication style, Talk to him, Look for alternatives.

How to Impress your Interviewers – 8 Body Language Tips

8 Valuable Tips – Smart gait, Politeness & respect, Firm handshakes, Eye contact, Sit straight, No fidgeting, Place hands appropriately, Nod when required.

Google's Sundar Pichai - I didn't score enough to get into SRCC!

A candid interview of Sundar Pichai at Shri Ram College of Commerce with Harsha Bhogle in Dec 15 - #AskSundar - amazing inspiration for the Indian youth!

What skills do Freshers lack and how to overcome them?

Freshers often lack the requisite job skills. Learn how to build Email, Excel, Powerpoint, Documentation, Research, Time Management & Communication Skills.

Deciphering the Job Paradox - Both Unemployment & Vacancies rampant

Many corporates are downsizing big-time. Yet, nearly half the jobs can't find the right candidates. MentorYes formula for candidates to land a dream job.

Career Growth - 4 habits to Grow Professionally into a Leader - MentorYes

Growing in your career / professionally = constant learning + initiative + decisions + focus + effort. We tell you how to achieve rapid growth in your job.

How to write a great CV / Resume - Job, Admissions, Applications, Careers

These guidelines help you build a great resume / CV to catch the attention of a recruiter / application officer & help you bag your dream job / admission.

Should You Chat Informally Before an Interview? - MentorYes

How much bearing does informal rapport-building chit-chat in an interview have on the outcome? MentorYes explores a Harvard Business Review article.

How to use Facebook and Twitter to find your next job - MentorYes

Social networks have become important tools of hiring managers to find the right talent. It's time you used social media to get your next job.

3 Excellent Cover Letters - MentorYes

Ever wondered how to write a great cover letter? There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Check out three contrasting cover letter style templates.


Turning the Next Page of Life - by Bhaskar Basu - MentorYes

Bhaskar Basu, the person behind the success of Kwality Walls, Costa Coffee and Perfetti in India, shares his wisdom & experiences with the youth on Life!

How To Write Flawlessly - MentorYes

Devika Das mentions key attributes for 'flawless writing skills' - Accurate grammar, Proper flow, Research, Unique point of view, & Short paragraphs.

Don't Get Ripped Off when you choose a Job - MentorYes

Have you ever been asked to do work for a company—before you were hired? It happens. Know how to avoid getting taken advantage of in the Hiring Process.

Mentoring of Entrepreneurs is missing in India: Tarun Khanna

Tarun Khanna, HBS - "The entrepreneurship ecosystem in India needs to evolve beyond e-commerce, m-commerce and into areas such as education and healthcare."

Simple Hack to do more work in less time - MentorYes

How is it that some people are able to maximise their time to get more done in a day, while others struggle to eke out a few minutes to reach their goals?

8 Powerful Habits Of Profoundly Influential People - MentorYes

Influential people have a profound impact on everyone they encounter. Yet, they achieve this only because they exert so much influence inside.

22 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mentors - Darius Foroux

22 lessons that you can learn by observing the people you look up to and understanding how they behave, think, talk, work, conduct business, etc.

This Is What Recruiters Look For On Your Linkedin Profile - Gwen Moran

When you’re looking for a job, your LinkedIn profile is a 24/7 information resource for the recruiters. But what really catches a recruiter’s eye?

22 tips to get rid of health problems at workplace - Shrikant Iyengar

Research has proven that long hours of desk work increase health hazards like obesity, etc. Here are tips on how to get rid of health problems.

How to get your CV noticed by recruiters - Dinesh Goel

In order to help you make your resume stand out among others, here's a list of rules that can guide you in building the perfect CV.

How to Make a Successful Career Change - Dawn Rosenberg McKay

Take a career decision, assess yourself, list options, evaluate options, write resume, prepare for job interview, and more.

What not to do at Interviews - MentorYes

Srinath highlights 3 major mistakes committed by most candidates, which lead to unfavourable outcomes at interviews. Watch out for them!


The Career Planning Process - Dawn Rosenberg McKay

Choosing a career is a big deal. 4 steps to plan your careers - assess yourself, explore career options, match, and act on it.

How to write a cover letter - All you need to know - Alison Doyle

All you need to know about how to write a cover letter - Formats | What to Include | What not to write | Outline | Proofreading.

Interview Questions - Do you know the answers to these 120 questions?

Comprehensive list of Job Interview Questions, compiled by the best HR experts. Find out if you have answers to all of them.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview? - Alison Doyle

Most successful candidates follow these 12 steps to get selected for job interviews and change their career paths. Do you know them?

How to Cope with a Job You Hate? - Michael Estrin

12 ways to deal with a job you hate - to make the best of it or get out of it. Try some of these options. Don't just quit.

6 ways to determine if you’re in the right career - Debby Hopkins

Are you in the right career? Are you happy and satisfied with your work? Does your job challenge and excite you? Read on.

The Most Difficult Interview Questions - Job | Career

Tricky, touch, painful, difficult questions in a job interview can hit you hard - unless you are prepared in advance. Are you?

6 Reasons to Change Careers - Dawn Rosenberg McKay

You should plan a career change if your priorities have changed or your job stresses or bores or burns you out, or doesn't pay enough.

I hate my job - What To Do When You Hate Your Job

How to know when to shift jobs / careers? If you hate your job or hate your boss, try some of these options. Don't just quit.

6 Best Ways To Find Your Next Job - Jorg Stegemann

6 ways to find your first (or next job) - networking, alumni, events, LinkedIn, job portals, headhunters. Read more here.

5 Reasons Why 'Asking' Is an Essential Skill for Every Entrepreneur - Moe Kittaneh

How do you feel about asking for what you want? If words like shy or anxious describe you in this context, you could be missing out on many opportunities.


What does your Email tell about you? - Anupama Raju

Have you ever thought about what your email says about you? Should emoticons be used in emails? Know the Dos and Don'ts of writing an email.

Make the most of your Engineering degree - Suryanarayanan Paneerselvam

Want to maximize your engineering degree so that your dreams are realized? 4 must-dos during your course that will make it worth the money you spend.

Bill Gates: "3 Skills Essential For Success In Future Job Market"

Bill Gates reveals 3 skills he believes will make someone successful in the future job market, ruling out anyone who doesn’t excel in science and numbers.

Tell Me About Yourself - How to answer this Job Interview Question

What would your interviewer want to hear you say for the best first impression? A comprehensive guide to answering this standard job interview question.

28 of the toughest questions Apple asks in Job Interviews

Apple asks these 28 tricky questions in their Job Interviews. Can you answer these to make it to one of the most sought-after company?

Resume Makeover — 6 Fast Tricks to boost your conversions

Want to know how to get a resume a facelift to get it the attention it deserves? Here are 6 tricks that can help you get a resume that appeals to employers.

What are your Career Goals – 20 Best Answer Ideas

Essential ideas to help you plan for the ever-present question on Career Goals. MentorYes career essential series.

Learn 32 Brilliant Questions to ask at the end of every Job Interview

Make the best last impression by asking one of these 32 questions at the end of your Job Interview. MentorYes career essential series.

Looking for a Salary Raise? Here's how to ask to actually get it!

Have you tried any of these strategies to boost your bottom line? Can you think of any other ways to increase your salary without jumping ship?

4 Best Strategies for Introverts to Crack their Interviews

Issues introverts face in interviews and how to overcome them. A comprehensive guide to preparation and performance.

How to Answer - "What Are Your Salary Expectations?"

Salary negotiation is complex, especially if in the middle of an interview. Are you prepared for it? Read on to plan your interview strategy.

Feeling dejected after being rejected? Here's how to turn it into an Opportunity.

Got rejected for a job that you really wanted? What now? Move on to the next opportunity, right? But before that, there is something else that you must do.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

Every interviewer asks this question. What's your answer? Know what to say and what not to say.

Digital Marketing - A Job With Great Work-Life Balance

Nowadays, it’s getting harder than ever to balance work and personal life. Want a job that can help you manage both? Read on to know more.


Toughest jobs to fill in 2017 in the US. Can you guess all of them?

Play the guessing game. Which are the 8 jobs that companies in the US find the most difficult to fill?

10 Tips on How To Kick-Start Your Digital Marketing Career

If you’re looking to break into the digital marketing industry, there’s no better time than now. Read these top 10 tips and start now.

29 Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance (2016) - Glassdoor

When was the last time you went on vacation and unplugged from work? Here are 29 best jobs which help in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

5 Good Answers to the Question - 'What's Your Greatest Strength?'

Standard interview questions reinforce the bad old idea that the employer is mighty and the job-seeker is an ant. Are you ready to answer this question?

12 Perks You Wouldn't Think You Could Negotiate - But You Can

Here are 12 more perks to talk about with your employer. Choose the ones you care about most and throw them into the mix!

Young Professionals Program – World Bank, Application Open

For more than 50 years, the Young Professionals Program has been the preeminent program preparing global development leaders. The application for the 2018 Selection Process for the Young Professionals Program will open from June 14 – July 28, 2017.

Want to realise your Delhi University dream? The path is here!

For those of you for whom college education begins and ends at DU, there is good news. The university has started new courses & increased number of seats.

Delhi University (DU) - Choose Subject Over College

Don't let societal wave supersede your interests in the choice of subjects as the course you pursue is going to determine your career years later.

Layoffs and shrinking job market: an end of India’s engineering dream?

Even as the government targets social sciences, it is encouraging the growth of engineering colleges – despite the fact that engineering jobs are shrinking.

Mid-life Career Crisis Coming On Strong? Here are 4 easy steps to face it.

Realize you are already incredible, understand and strategize accordingly, don't do anything major, & don’t be completely ridiculous.

Sports now a serious career option: PM Narendra Modi

India's sporting landscape has started to change for the better as people are taking up sports as full- time career with remarkable improvement performance.

10 Worst Mistakes Career Changers Make. Did you make any of these?

Changing careers is never easy. Regardless of your career change strategy, never make these 10 mistakes. MentorYes career series essentials.

How to be a better boss to your employees? Check these 7 tips!

While the perfect boss – like the perfect person – may not exist, “good” bosses do! For those managers who haven’t yet grasped the behaviors exhibited by their more venerated leadership colleagues, read on.

13 Interesting And Off-Beat Courses Offered By Indian Universities

Before applying for your favorite college, have a look at these 13 interesting career options you can choose after high school.

Five things an employer wants to see on your resume

It's not about how smart you are – it’s about capturing minds Here is what employers want to know...does your Resumé have what it takes?

Here's how to make negative feedback count - Advice from LinkedIn CEO .

Negative feedback helps one confirm the idea's validity, better identify your target audience; and change and adapt when appropriate. Embrace criticism.

Your Company’s Culture is Who You Hire, Fire, & Promote

The actual company values, as opposed to the nice-sounding values, are shown by who gets rewarded, promoted, or let go.

7 Body Language Hacks That Immediately Make You More Likable

Getting people to like you is part of the business world. Here are 7 body language techniques to use when you want to influence someone positively.

How to Quit your Job..with Grace to Ensure Your Successful Future

While there are billions of people in billions of different jobs, new research shows that there are only seven ways to quit a job.

The Most Powerful Career Advice That Every College Student Needs

Remember, your destination, your future success — are yours to choose. These pieces of career advice will empower you as you face difficulties.

[MUST READ] 10 things you must know before a telephonic interview

Phone interviews are notoriously difficult to convert - without the visual cues. There are a few things you should know to boost your chances.

A Relaxation and Coping Guide for Pre-Business School Students

If you are a pre-business student and find yourself periodically wanting to tear your hair out? You may benefit from some suggestions on relaxation.

Seven Things Your LinkedIn Profile Says About You - Like It Or Not

LinkedIn can be an anonymous, purely transactional marketplace or warm, vibrant and human You get to decide what LinkedIn will be for you!

11 Simple Concepts to Become a Better Leader

We often lose sight of the simple things - things that not only make us human but can actually help us become more successful. Few things you need to know!!

3 Things you really should ask your interviewer

The people who are interviewing you have heard it all before and are looking for something which sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Here, use this.



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Study in US - An Overview - MentorYes

Everything you need to know about Education in US.

Study in UK - An Overview - MentorYes

MentorYes has collated a ready guide to the most important information on Admissions to Universities in UK that every aspiring student should know.

Chevening Scholarships & Fellowships - UK - MentorYes

Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships are the UK government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders. Application open in Aug 2016.

Application and Selection Processes – Know what Design Colleges want!

Viraj Joshi shares the procedure of applications and selection for Design Colleges involving Portfolio, Interview, Essays, English Test and LORs.

Innovation Design Engg at Royal College of Arts & Imperial College - My Story

Viraj Joshi shares his experience of choosing a Double Masters in IDE at Royal College of Arts & Imperial College, London with MentorYes.

Why is the US a big draw for Indian students? - MentorYes

Indians form 14% of the international student population in the US, next only to China. Ever wondered why US is such a popular destination for Indians?

US Visa restrictions affect finding work - MentorYes

Student Visa restrictions in the US affect the chances of finding work after completing studies. Is extension via Optional Practical Training viable?

Trump & Brexit - Indian students to benefit or lose? - MentorYes

Brexit and Trump’s victory have made a lot of students re-evaluate their plans of studying in UK and US - what's the damage?

UK Admissions more difficult - visas cut by half, international students hit

UK plans to cut student visas from 300,000 per year to 170,000 - massive impact for Indian students. Too much protectionism?

Fully funded 4-day program by Harvard University in Dubai

The SAI Crossroads Summer Program is an introduction to Harvard University culture for facing challenging financial & social circumstances.

Helmut-Schmidt-Programme (Master’s Scholarships for Public Policy & Good Governance)

Helmut-Schmidt-Programme is designed to qualify future leaders in politics, law, economics, & administration according to the principles of good governance.

How I got into Harvard Business School - Story of a New Jersey native

Anny Jeung talks about the ups and downs of the grueling application process and how she went about getting into one of the most prestigious MBA programs.

Are you Ready for the Ivy League? It's not that simple.

You’ll need several essential tools for success at the top: a strong strategic admissions plan, outstanding student profile and good advice along the way.


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Hopes and Interests never Die - JEE Counseling - by Satyendra Tiwari

JEE COUNSELLING - Satyendra Tiwari of IIT Roorkee explains how he extensively researched for his JEE counseling and shares his tips with all via MentorYes.

Decisions for Life - MentorYes

Sanchit Jalan advises all aspirants to ‘hold their horses’, think wisely & thoughtfully before deciding as it will decide their future prospects.

The Decision that matters for life - JEE Counseling

Aditya Deo - "Sometimes there is no right decision, you take a decision and make it right." Read more to which colleges to choose after JEE.

Do your best and leave the rest - IIT JEE

Utkarsh Kumar Singh shares his experience which taught him to accept the circumstances as they are because worrying is worthless.

Interest keeps you going - JEE Counseling

Shubham Gupta advises the aspirants to “NOT FREEZE”, and just keep their JEE counseling result on float because they might get a better one.

Seat Allotment - Realization of Dreams - JEE Counseling

Shishir Singh shares his counseling experience and valuable guidelines to keep in mind that will help an aspirant sail through JEE.

Rays of Hope - JEE Counseling

Pranav Agarwal shares his experience of JEE Counseling and why he chose Architecture in IIT with a minor degree in Mathematics and Computing, at MentorYes.

Everything happens for Good - JEE Counseling

Varad Vyapari suggests that aspirants weigh various choices carefully and make informed decisions by considering where they want to end up in their life.

Dreams are Fragile - JEE Counseling

Shivam Choudhary mentions some steps for the JEE aspirants to decide branches and colleges of their choices, at MentorYes.

Rapid Learning & Solving - IIT JEE

Vivek Verma - “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”. Read on to find some important points for JEE preparation.

9 Tips for Success in JEE

Vinit Sharswat mentions 9 tested and verified tips that he followed and that can help an aspirant prepare for the big battle (JEE).

IIT JEE - The Best Books

Utkarsh Kumar Singh shares a list of few resources that he found reliable during his JEE preparations and which can help an aspirant too.

JEE Advanced - Quick Registration Guide

MentorYes has compiled an easy reference guide to signing up for JEE Advanced for aspirants.

How to maintain focus and discipline in IIT JEE Preparation

Shubham Gupta mentions key points that need to be applied during the last phase of JEE preparation because that’s the time of distractions.

IIT JEE - Recommended Books

Vivek Verma suggests some books that can help an aspirant prepare for JEE Advanced, at MentorYes.

IIT JEE – Crossing the Finish Line

Rupank Pahuja - "Maybe the best person to advise on last minute preparation is the one who messed up in this critical period."

12 Golden Rules for Focus and Discipline in IIT JEE Preparation

Aditya Deo mentions 12 points to crack No-nonsense exams like IIT JEE.

High-Speed Preparation Tips for IIT JEE - MentorYes

Akash Abhinav shares advice and tips that can help an aspirant to learn better and solve problems much faster, at MentorYes.

IIT JEE - The Absolutely Essential Books - MentorYes

Somesh Mohapatra suggests some books and Test Series that can maximize aspirants' opportunities to score the best and be in the top rankers.

How I Faced Adversities – and Made it to IIT

Shubham Gupta mentions the three key thoughts to be kept in mind: Never lose confidence; Never stop, never, at any cost; Never become dependent on anyone.

How I made it to IIT - MentorYes

Subodh Sharma mentions what it is like to become the very first student from your locality to crack the most prestigious entrance exam in the country.

Dreams shattered, Dreams realized – Became an IITian

Namit Agrawal shares his journey of finally becoming an IITian after taking a drop for a year, at MentorYes.

How I prepared for IIT JEE - My Journey - MentorYes

Vivek Verma shares tips for preparation and 5 formulae for success in JEE Advanced.

Shock 1, Shock 2, Shock 3 and then IIT - IIT JEE Experience

Ankur Shree shares his journey of experiencing three big shocks before finally making it to IIT Roorkee, at MentorYes.

There's No Magic Formula to Crack IIT JEE - MentorYes

Harsh Agarwal suggests that JEE aspirants need to get only one thought in their mind – “Time Management”.

6-Week Study Plan to Ace JEE Advanced

Shubham Gupta suggests on how to crack JEE Advanced, with 6 weeks to go.

JEE (Advanced) 2016 - All you need to know

MentorYes shares all the details of JEE Advanced 2016.


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7 Golden Rules for Parents to help their Children do well in Board Exams

7 valuable tips for parents - No comparison, Group study, Encouragement, Enjoy less, Child's diet, Keeping it low & Not discussing bad paper, at MentorYes.

Class 12 Science Students - Tips from a Topper - MentorYes

Sanyam Chouksey shares some valuable tips and FAQs which can help class 12 Science students ace their boards, at MentorYes.

Class 12 Board Exams - Get top CBSE Results; CBSE Toppers; Exam Tips

Class 12 is a major milestone. This article defines 11 step on how to ace the Boards to get top CBSE Results (2017 / 2018), compiled from CBSE Toppers tips

Bill Gates on Personalized Learning - Summit Sierra's School Pedagogy

Bill Gates spent 2 hours at Summit Sierra and was enthused about the potential of the program. In fact, he wrote to Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook about it.

The Best Schools in Delhi NCR 2016 - MentorYes

Which is the best school for kids? MentorYes has compiled a list of the best schools in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad & Faridabad, based on Times Survey.

What to study in college: Leave it to Gen Y - Parents must not Interfere

It’s admission time again. As the kids are wondering about their marks, the parents are too busy deciding what their wards are going to study!

Do you have these Documents ready for Admission?

It's time for admission formalities in college. Here's the low-down on the list of documents you need to keep handy to ensure a smooth admission process.

CBSE Boards Result 2017: 8 types of parents and their reactions

CBSE results are out. Here are 8 kinds of parents according to how they react to your results. You decide which one is yours!


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Bill Gates, Star Wars & Civil Rights - Video - MentorYes

Bill Gates explores the world of Star Wars and its relevance in the Civil Rights movements in his blog gatesnotes. An interesting read.

Scientists followed 5,000 genius kids for 45 years — here's what they learned about success - MentorYes

Follow thousands of super-bright kids and you learn a thing or two about how to raise a high-achiever. High IQ gifted children also need mentors and guides.

How do you have that "Eureka" Moment!? - MentorYes

The mind generates quirky innovative ideas when you expose it to non-routine patterns. Understand how the "Eureka" moments happen when you least expect it!

DU now allows early degrees before convocation - MentorYes

The University of Delhi (DU) will now issue degrees to successful candidates before the convocation in case they plan to go abroad for study or residence.

HACKFEST 2016 by Accenture & LinkedIn - MentorYes

Problem solving can be fun. Non-stop 20 hour Hackfest 2016 @ Bangalore is a high energy event with food, drinks, activities, music, swag and networking.

IIT Madras - Build an App in 5 weeks - Free Course - MentorYes

Free Online course on Application Development (5 weeks) - Super Useful in this booming tech era. Certification by IIT Madras. Know more & sign up.

Richard Branson speaks on Learning - Top 10 Quotes - MentorYes

Sir Richard Branson shares his top 10 favourite quotes on learning - from Benjamin Franklin, Bruce Lee, Albert Einstein, B B King and more. From Virgin.

5 myths about reading you need to overcome now - Jas Johari

Reading slowly is not an answer for learning better. It will not increase your concentration, but will rather hamper it. To know further, read on.

9 Common UPSC Exam Myths Busted - MentorYes

Some mistakes, ‘hacks’ and ‘shortcuts’ are committed by almost every aspirant preparing for the civil services exam. Do you know how to avoid them?

Want to increase your Productivity? Use these 10 apps.

10 apps to increase your productivity multifold - Accompany, Slack, CamCard, Calroo, Expensify, Cisco WebEx, Box, Flipboard, 15Five, Taskray.


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