You need these 4 Habits to Grow Professionally

4 habits for professional career growth

Keeping pace with this constantly evolving world has become very important to acquire professional growth and progress. You need to keep yourself updated with new developments of the world and inculcate certain habits that catalyse the process.

4 great practices that you should take up to stay ahead of the herd.

#1 – Keep Learning – Be inquisitive

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Taking time especially for reading might not be easy but it is very important to inculcate this habit if you want to grow professionally continually. Books act as a whetstone for the brain. Also, keep updating yourself regarding general knowledge and current affairs via magazines and articles

One is never too old to learn!

Try to keep gaining skills and knowledge by taking up as many courses as possible. The courses might not just add value to your current professional role but also add diversity to your profile which is very important to grow professionally in life.

#2 – Say “Yes”, Say “No” – and know when to say what

Life keeps throwing up opportunities and you can also keep looking for opportunities. You never know what may come up when – a colleague may invite you to attend a conference, you may run into a big business lead you have been looking for. You can create opportunities by just talking, casual conversions about what you do and what you are planning to do / looking for, can yield significant leads and open up further opportunities.

Every time someone asks you a question, or you enter into a conversation, see what next steps can possibly emerge from it. Take a call, based on judgement and instincts, if it is worth it. Say “Yes” if you feel something can come out of it, “No” if you don’t or are pressed for time. Choose your “Yes”es wisely.

#3 – Take up Leadership Roles

Try to lead as many times and as much as you can. This is not only to build your CV, but also (more importantly) to help you develop the traits of a successful leader. This means initiating things, taking more responsibilities and helping colleagues. Be on the front lines, take the onus, be visible and be accountable.

Experience is the best teacher!

#4 – Be open to constructive criticism

Ask your colleagues and boss regularly for a feedback and for ways that will help you overcome your shortcomings. You should be flexible in adapting to different situations. If you want to grow as a professional, you should know where you are at fault and what is it that you can do to improve. Hiding your faults just becomes a vicious habit. Its great to get knocked down, just makes you come back stronger.

Start working on the above 4 rules and you will be on the path to grand success!

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Author: Amisha Gupta, MentorYes

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