How to Deal with a Difficult Boss?

Dealing with a difficult boss

Life might give you lemons at every step but it totally depends on you how you take and convert them into plums! This is particularly true for one’s career. Many times there will be incidents which will act like impediments in your professional growth but you have to face them with prudence and keep on moving forward.

Working under a difficult boss is unfortunate and at the same time is quite common too. Sometimes that might be bad for you whereas other times it might be a blessing in disguise. Whatever it is, you need to chalk out methods for dealing with him/her.

Team MentorYes’ suggestions to handle this issue step by step in the following ways.

#1 – Put yourself in his/her shoes

Before passing any judgment, keep yourself in the place of your boss. Try to understand the reason behind his/her prevailing behavior. There could be many factors behind this, such as responsibility, pressure, personal problems, etc. The next step would be to decide whether it is justified or not. If the responsibility he is handling is very big, then sometimes he/she ought to be rough. It also depends on the nature of the person. Some people are gifted with the art of remaining composed in times of pressure, while others have to inculcate it with time. Your boss might be in the second category. So, be patient and analyze the situation in depth first.

#2 – Acclimatize yourself to his/her communication style

Try noticing how your boss prefers to communicate. Is it only through e-mails or through calls, messages and in person also?  Once you have figured it out, tune yourself to his/her style of interaction. This much flexibility is expected of everyone and it is not a very difficult thing to do after all.

#3 – Talk to your boss

If your boss’ behavior has become very unbearable then it is time to talk it out with him/her. Let him/her know how you feel about it. He/she might be sensible enough to respond positively to it – but if not, consider contacting the HR for intervention.

#4 – Look for alternatives

There might come a stage when you feel that you have tried out everything that you could. The optimum thing to do then would be to start considering alternative options. If your boss does not value your efforts, then you might as well not work under him/her for the betterment of your career only.

If you like your organization, seek a shift to a different team / department. If you would rather look outside, just go ahead and you may find yourself in a happier workplace.

Good luck!

By Amisha Gupta, Team MentorYes

The views presented in this article are based on some of the experiences of the MentorYes team. You are advised to take the learnings that are contextually relevant and likely to be beneficial to you and your ward’s progress and success. Good Luck!

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