How to Impress your Interviewers – 8 Body Language Tips

How to Impress your Interviewers – 8 Body Language Tips

Non-verbal communication – gestures, posture, eye contact, facial expressions, and tone of voice – is as important as verbal communication and sometimes even more dominant than that. In an interview, a candidate’s body language matters as much as the content that he/she speaks.

It is an art which can be used to control one’s perception in the minds of others. Thus, Team MentorYes feels that mastering it is crucial if you are gearing up for job interviews.

Keep the following 8 points in mind to put a lasting impression on your interviewers and increase the chances of your being selected for your dream job.

#1 – Have a smart gait

You should enter the interview room with a neat and confident walk. Do not slide your feet on the ground; lift them up and step forward.

#2 – Be polite and respectful

Seek permission for entering the room, sitting down on the chair. Also, have a gentle smile on your face throughout the interview. (By gentle, we literally mean gentle! Smiling a lot will make you look imprudent so do that in limits only.) Also, do not frown or look bored.

#3 – Shake hands firmly

Your handshake should neither be flimsy and loose nor should it be very tight. Do it in such a way that the interviewer gets confident vibes from you, without trying to dominate. He/she must feel that you really value the opportunity and are not casual about it.

#4 – Maintain considerable eye contact

Looking down while speaking is perceived as being under-confident while looking here and there might seem like the candidate is distracted. Looking the interviewer in the eye is appropriate because it lends trustworthiness to the speaker. Also, make sure that you maintain eye contact with and address all the panelists and not just keep looking at one.

#5 – Sit up straight

Do not lean back on the chair or have a hunched back. Rather sit up straight. An easy hack for it is to press the lower back against the back of the chair. This gives a good posture.

#6 – Do not fidget

People tend to start fidgeting when they are nervous and that can easily be noticed. Therefore, in an interview, avoid biting your nails, shaking your legs, playing with your hair and all other activities which depict instability and restlessness.

#7 – Place your hands appropriately

Do not fold your hands in front of your chest because that looks arrogant / closed at times. Also, avoid keeping them at the back or inside your pockets. Instead, press your fingertips together in a comfortable posture, which portrays confidence.

#8 – Nod when required

Nod your head as a gesture of agreement or understanding at times when it is optimal, but do not overdo it.

Follow the above rules religiously and you will be good to go!

Best Wishes!


By Amisha Gupta, Team MentorYes

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