12 Golden Rules for Focus and Discipline in IIT JEE Preparation

by Aditya Deo

IIT JEE Advanced is a No-Nonsense Exam!

No-nonsense exams are that much tougher to crack – you cannot let your guard down, especially in the last few weeks. As a matter of fact, these last few days could be the difference between getting a rank and not getting one! Points to note:

#1. Be confident. Have faith in your preparation. Make a handwritten copy of all the important formulae and properties for various topics (if you haven’t don’t this yet). And make sure that you read this copy at least three times every week.

#2. Do not let the pressure get the better of you. A lot of talented people have not lived upto the mark just because they couldn’t handle the nerves. IIT JEE is a very serious exam, yes, but do not let that ‘serious’ become ‘grave’ about it.

#3. Make sure you are ‘fit’ for the paper. Now is the time when you must be able to sit for 8 hrs a day. A lot of times it does happen that even before the start of first paper, our mind surrenders. Do not give in – mentally or physically.

#4. Say NO to any distractions, especially technology: I suggest that you should limit the use Whatsapp and Facebook as much as you can, as it strains your brain a lot. Avoid anything like playing games or reading novels, because that makes your brain think about something needless. It seems like a break, but it tires your mind.

#5. Talk to family (and don’t chat) – not those whom you meet everyday, but cousins and relatives and friends. Talking helps us ease some pressure and lets the mind relax. Also make sure that while you talk to your family, you are not discussing exam and rank and which IIT you might get into, this type of talk unknowingly creates pressure.

#6. Do not be scared of exams or of questions from a certain chapter or of securing a low rank. Know your strengths and weaknesses and follow strategy which works on your strengths. Fear has a bad habit of materializing, don’t give it any room for thought.

#7. You will never be ‘done’: It will always be more left to do, more books, more chapters, more techniques – it does not end. You will have to accept that and be realistic and make your plans accordingly.

#8. Surprise yourself, someday solve paper not at your usual time without any preparation.

#9. Be ready to improvise – Even the best made plans seldom work perfectly, so many times you need to change a plan halfway. Do not wait for any plan to fail – as soon as you see something not working, adapt and improve.

#10. Avoid extreme reactions and feelings. Getting very excited after a good practice exam or getting highly dejected after securing a not so good rank doesn’t bode well. Ups and downs disturb the internal stability of our mind. Stay away from anything or anybody which threatens to disturb that inner peace!!!

#11. Play ‘less tiring sports’ – I do not recommend playing outdoor sports because that tires you physically or worse, it could lead to an injury. Table tennis and carrom for limited time works wonders.

#12. Friends matter, but not that much – It is very important to not let performance or words of a friend affect us. Stay away from pessimistic and overly optimistic friends. Be balanced.

I hope that these you find these points useful and that you have a kicking start to the final lap of your preparation.

Aditya Deo is a 1st year B.Tech. student at IIT Indore.


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