6-Week Study Plan to Ace JEE Advanced

6 week study plan to ace IIT JEE Advanced

by Shubham Gupta

First of all, congratulations to all the folks who have done well in JEE MAINS and are awaiting the results. Once this stage is cleared, it’s time for a tougher one. Clearing JEE ADVANCED requires some key rules to be followed and disciplined preparation.

My suggestions on how to crack JEE Advanced, with 6 weeks to go:

  1. Never randomize your study. First, make a week-by-week plan, with provision for mock tests, revision, new learning, etc. Then, make daily plans and stick to them diligently. Make the plans always just a little higher than your previous best (maybe 10-15% higher), and that will keep you progressing. For instance: if you have a capacity of doing 400 questions a day, fix a target 450 or 470 to be done daily. (Warning – don’t set the bar so irrationally high that you are forever under pressure of not being able to achieve it.)
  1. Keep records & track progress: Maintain complete records of what all you have covered and what all is left to cover. You can surely make a chart / table depicting your progress. The chart / table may include certain points such as:
    1. Topic
    2. Level for preparation (Good, Average, Bad)
    3. What all to study and from where?
    4. Time table for completion
    5. Key subtopics to be covered at any cost
  1. Don’t brood over what’s left out: Never waste your time thinking about how much syllabus is left, it won’t give you anything in return, and rather it would be depressing. Just keep going without thinking of the results. If you have worked that much you will surely achieve it, but just don’t stop.
  1. You don’t need others to support you: Maybe, some students are facing the situation where they feel lonely and dejected by how their classmates are doing. Thinking of them as competition just adds to anxiety and stress. Don’t lose confidence, you just keep working and practicing – there is no point in comparisons. In reality, you actually don’t need anyone to get through any situation, just believe in yourselves and keep working hard.
  1. Prioritize carefully: Chemistry is the most scoring subject for most students. It can fetch you maximum marks, if you study this subject with full dedication. Focus more on organic chemistry; as it is the most scoring and least time consuming part of the whole examination paper. Don’t leave anything in chemistry part, it helped me add a 100 to my JEE ADVANCED score. In physics, focus more on mechanical and electrical portions – since most of the questions relate to these areas of physics. For Maths, it’s all about practice – the more you practice the more you can achieve.
  1. Smart Exam Practice: The best practice is attempting the sample papers itself. Either join a test series or do the JEE ADVANCED sample papers and last year papers on your own within the time limits. Solving the paper is not just for getting to know your current level of preparation, it’s about knowing the fields in which you are weak and need to work. According to me, “The questions you are able to do now are the ones you will be surely doing in your JEE exam. It’s all about those questions which you aren’t able to do. Those are the real problems you need to deal with.”

Shubham GuptaSo with these points in mind, keep working and get through JEE ADVANCED. My best wishes are with you.


Shubham Gupta is a 1st year B.Tech. student at IIT Indore.


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