9 Tips for Success in JEE

by Vinit Sharswat

The most important thing a student should understand is that JEE is not tough. You need to maintain your concentration level and study smartly. Study and focus are quite interrelated. If you are able to focus more, you get extra time to study and if you study more, you are able to focus more.

So, how to make yourself prepared for the big battle (JEE). I will mention these 9 tips that I myself followed in the last few weeks before the exams. So, I can say these are tested and verified tips.

#1: Daily schedule: You must have a daily study schedule. You should know what topic you need to focus upon today and be proud of yourself at the end of the day after completed the assigned task. Self- encouragement must be there.

#2: Daily exercise/ Meditation/ Jogging: Keeps mind fresh and energized thereby making your mind ready to grasp stuff.

#3: Keep your mobile phones and all other electronic equipment away while you study: You should just have books, copy, pen, etc. You need to stop using or at least reduce the usage of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Do not attend to anyone while you study.

#4: Stop worrying and enjoy studying: Many people gets tensed as the exam approaches. Whatever result has to come will come. Just study, result will come whatever it has to.

#5: Write and learn: Make sure you develop a writing practice rather than solving questions in your mind. JEE paper forces you to make an error as there is a lot of pressure of performing in a highly competitive exam where your one wrong answer may land you to nowhere. You have a few minutes time per question, and if you have studied and practiced well, that’s enough. Making notes is really important as it helps in remembering the stuff and also stops from getting bored. Solve questions every now and then.

#6: Listen to instrumental music or some soothing music: If you are a sort of person who can’t study in a alone room and you tend to feel bored, then use techniques like listening to instrumental music or any other soothing music, walking while you study. I was this sort of person – instrumental music actually keeps you awake. Make sure the volume is kept low though.

#7: Start giving mock tests during the JEE timings: Your mind the gets into the habit of working at its peak during the JEE timings. Make sure you set a target for yourself and please make sure to go through the solutions after you have attempted the paper and remember never repeat your mistake.

#8: Go for an evening walk: After studying from 9 to 12 and 2 to 5, you definitely deserve a break and nothing can be better than exploring the streets or definitely you can do something you like or whatever your hobby is.

#9: Take a page and jot the things down before you sleep: If you have studied something new today, have a habit to memorize the stuff by just taking a blank sheet of paper and writing the key points and the formulae you have studied that day.

Hope it helps!

All the best for the exams and the upcoming wonderful career.Vinit Sharswat is a 4th year B.Tech. student at IIT Indore.




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