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Dreams IIT JEE

by Namit Agrawal

Once upon a time, in Sonbhadra, a small city near Varanasi lived a boy whose parents dreamt of his son as an engineer. The boy aspired to ‘make it large’, so he chose to go to Kota, the Mecca for IIT aspirants. The academically average, but highly motivated boy reached Kota on 24th April, 2009, with bag full of ‘Maa ka Pyaar’ in the form of Ladoos and Namkeens and heart full of ambitions to make his parents and family proud.

For some initial months, the motivation worked and kept the boy excelling in studies. This made the boy think that it’s easy, but it wasn’t. With each passing day, the motivation started vanishing and so did the performance in monthly evaluation of the coaching. By the time the boy realized this, the time and the push to recover, both were gone.

So he did the best he could by preparing for class 12th board exam and continuing the boost that life is not over yet. As expected, the IIT-JEE result portal declared on 18th June, 2011, that the boy didn’t secure a rank in the Merit list. Two weeks later, AIEEE results declared that the boy was ranked 12,786 all over India. The dream to make it large was shattered.

A ray of hope was still there – to take a drop for a year and prepare for IIT-JEE 2012. So, again with bag full of ‘Maa ka Pyaar’, the boy again started for Kota on 11th July, 2011. But this time, it was different. The boy was more experienced about Kota, about life. It was not just the enthusiasm to do big, but was a dream with a plan. The day, the boy was leaving for Kota, his father said, “Beta, ab jo jaa raha hai, toh IITian bann ke hi wapas aana”. This statement got stuck in the boy’s brain and became a challenge for him.

Over the next nine months, the boy gave all he could to complete the challenge. This year, it was his first Holi and Diwali, which he celebrated alone, without his family. He even suffered with chicken pox during this period. All of this, just because he knew that the happiness he will get after all this, will compensate for everything hardship he will go through. He even chose to give his JEE from Udaipur, instead of Varanasi.

It was the evening of 8th April, 2012. The boy’s father received a call from his son. His son said, “Papa, mai IITian ban gaya, ab mai ghar wapas aa raha hoon”. The boy had checked the answer key provided by his coaching, and was securing 216 marks out of 410, which later turned into an AIR of 3788.

Four years later, on 8th April, 2016, the boy after securing two well paying job offers and after planning for his farewell party at IIT Indore, sits in his hostel room to pen down his advice for JEE Advanced 2016 and says, “It’s your Life, Make it Large”.

Namit Agrawal, The boy

Namit Agrawal is a final year B.Tech. student at IIT Indore.


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