How I Faced Adversities – and Made it to IIT

How I Overcame Adversities - an IITian

by Shubham Gupta

Whatever I am now and what all I have achieved, started from the day I decided to take a drop when I wasn’t able to clear my JEE Advance in first attempt. So, my words will be more useful for the students who face the same deadly situation.

Actually, you always need a driving force that keeps you moving and makes work really hard for achieving your goals. In my case, that driving force was my dad’s dream. Of course, different people have different reasons to get into IIT. But one thing is for sure – you need a hell lot of determination to take a drop and prepare for JEE. The three key thoughts to be kept in mind:

One, Never lose confidence.

Two, Never stop, never, at any cost.

Three, Never become dependent on anyone. Be self-dependent.

You may face many adverse situations during your preparations, you may feel like backing off but in reality those are your real test which you need to face off before your actual JEE examination.

In my case, these adversities were at such a peak that very few people can imagine.

OK, so imagine a situation when you haven’t finished even half of your syllabus and your teachers left with nothing much left in your hands. The teachers who promised you that they would return within one month, you even waited for them for one month but they never came. Trust me, that’s the worst condition a dropper can face. But, this is exactly the situation which made a difference between me and my batch mates dealing with the situation. Literally, I cried during that course of time but there were more reasons to move on than just backing off.

Firstly, it was my last attempt.

Secondly, I couldn’t afford to shatter my father’s dream.

Thirdly, during this period, this became my own dream.

So all these factors combined kept me moving and I never stopped learning. Yes, I lost my 2 months due to these adversities but in the end I came up much stronger, more dedication and more plans than ever before. At the end of the day, I was the only selection from my coaching institute.

My advice to you:

  • If you want to succeed in life be determined, always, that’s the most important thought that should prevail in your mind.
  • Be focussed, set goals and objectives for a day, for a week and stick to them. Don’t just try to finish the objectives, finish them.
  • Share your knowledge with friends and surely you will be benefitted with that.
  • Never depend on anyone and never expect anything from others because in the end it’s your life and your exam, no one will be much concerned for that. People will be there to hear your success story and not a failure one.

So just keep working without stopping, and you will be a winner for sure.Shubham Gupta



Shubham Gupta is a 1st year B.Tech. student at IIT Indore.



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