How to maintain focus and discipline in IIT JEE Preparation

by Shubham Gupta

“JEE ADVANCED and the Bull’s eye are quite similar, one distraction and you miss your goal.”

The above words seem quite threatening, right? Most of the times, yes, they are. Distraction is something that starts budding up when motivation starts depleting. So to maintain focus and discipline and to avoid distractions from any unnecessary sources, some guidelines need to be strictly followed. These key points need to be applied during last phase of your JEE preparation because that’s the time when everything except studying seems interesting and attractive.

So dear folks, keep these in mind:

1. Study as if you won’t get another day to study –  try to reach your maximum efficiency. You should be so determined and focussed during your last phase that it shouldn’t matter if you have had your lunch or not. (But please do have it – food is necessary for health too.)

2. Keep calm during your study period. No need to rush and get hyper if you aren’t getting something. You are learning to build up your concepts and not just to complete the syllabus that is allocated by the JEE council. Getting to extreme moods won’t get you anything, instead, work with patience and the problem will be solved for sure.

3. Don’t take too much load. It’s never necessary to study for 8-10 hours in one run (actually, none except some can go for such a long period non-stop study – I don’t belong to that category). If you can study for 2-3 hours with full concentration (that’s also difficult sometime, but try to achieve that), that is better than studying for 5-6 hours without focus. You can surely take 10-15 minutes rest between successive study periods, but make sure it doesn’t stretch to 1 – 2 hours.

4. During your preparatory period, never get demotivated by any crap around you. Keep an eye on your goal and keep working to achieve that. During the last days, one thought should always deep inside your mind “Just few more days of hard work and I will be surely rewarded for that, so, I won’t give up at any cost.” You just can’t give up at the last moment, when you have given your 2 or 3 years for your JEE dream.

5. Finally, the worst problem which is rather a distraction most of us are unable to deny is the pressure from our peers/friends. It’s my suggestion, don’t get involved in any type of discussions, debate and unproductive talks during the final weeks of your JEE preparation. These useless talks won’t give you any advantage and rather these would be disadvantageous as some of these irrelevant talks would be lingering in your mind. “JUST AVOID GATHERINGS AND GOSSIPS.” Just focus on your study and crack the exam like a boss.

So, I hope these suggestions would be helpful to any JEE aspirant during such crucial days of JEE exam preparation. All you need to do is to be focussed and determined towards your goal “JEE ADVANCED”.Shubham Gupta

Distractions sometimes seem relaxing but you never know what all they may take away from you so avoid them.

All the best buddies 🙂

Shubham Gupta is a 1st year B.Tech. student at IIT Indore.


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