Decisions for Life

by Sanchit Jalan

Congratulations for your fabulous victory. Your hard work has truly paid off. You deserve every bit of it.

Now after clearing JEE ADVANCED, the biggest and the most genuine question in the minds of every upcoming IIT-ian must be – “What to take?” & “Where to take?” Right, isn’t it? And this is the thing, which is sometimes very confusing and baffles most of us at this point of time. You must be thinking, who will give the answers to these most deciding questions of your carrier. Let me tell you, you yourself will answer these questions.

Don’t get startled, I would just give a starting point to your thought process, which will help you to come out of this big dilemma.

Last year, when I cracked JEE Advanced with an AIR 3724, I too came across the same dilemma, which you are stuck with. This is how I managed to clear my doubts.

1. Branch was my first priority in the race of “college” & “branch”. Before choosing any branch, have a basic knowledge of what it is all about. I had chosen my preferred branch (Electrical Engineering) as per my interest. Branch is something which remains with you until your graveyard whereas college is something which matters for 4-5 years only. I made a priority list of my preferred branch.

2. After that, I faced my second dilemma i.e. which IIT to go for. I discussed my concern with my seniors already studying in the different IITs, asked my queries on the JEE counseling pages and groups on facebook and I did some research too (Google :P). I enquired about the order of top best IITs, their academic environment and co-curricular activities as per my point of concern. Finally, I made priority list of best IITs from top most to the last one.

3. At last, after a lot of research and discussion, I made my final preference list which includes both branch and institute, made with the help of my two previous preference lists as mentioned above. I finally filled the preference list in choice filling on the online portal of JEE Advanced.

4. Finally I was allotted Electrical Engineering at IIT Indore in the first round of counselling as per my preference in choice filling. I finalized my seat at last round as I chose float option at the time of seat acceptance. Note that three options are available at the time of seat acceptance: (a) Freezing- It means you accept the currently offered seat and don’t want to participate in further rounds of counseling. (b) Floating – It means you accept the currently offered seat and indicate that if admission to any higher preference is available in any institute, you will accept it in further rounds of counseling. (c) Sliding– It means you accept the currently offered seat and indicate that if higher preference of academic program is available in the currently available institute, then you will go for it. You can choose any of the above 3 as per your choice.

5. This is how I achieved what I desired for and I would say today I am very satisfied with it and even after of being a new IIT, it provided me more than what I expected.

So I will advice you, before making any decision, ‘hold your horses’, think wisely & thoughtfully as this decision will decide your future prospects.

Congratulation again!! You made all of us proud.Sanchit Jalan

All the best! Be Happy 🙂

Sanchit Jalan is a 2nd year student of B. Tech in Electrical Engineering at IIT Indore.


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