Dreams are Fragile

by Shivam Choudhary

First of all, I want to congratulate all those who cleared JEE Advanced. By qualifying this examination, you are among the best 1% student in our country. But, the game doesn’t end here. You also have to secure a seat in a branch and college of your choice. To get a good branch and college of your choice is a dream of every engineering aspirant. But not everyone is able to fulfil their dream. As a result, many of the students either land in a college or branch which was not their dream college or branch or in some cases, they are not able to even secure a seat in any of the college.

Before joining IIT Kanpur, I was studying at NIT, Bhopal. I got AIR- 2202 (GEN) in JEE advanced 2015. Because I was already a student of a prestigious institute, I had some knowledge about each and every branch in my college. So, I chose to study chemical engineering at IIT Kanpur. But, before arriving at such decision, I followed some of the steps.

According to me, these are some of the steps to decide a branch and college of your choice:

1. Try to find your interest- First and foremost step towards choice of branch is to decide that in which branch you are interested. And after graduation, what you want to do. For this, you may obtain a course template where the details of the courses are given.

Also, at least in IITs, there are portals and blogs made to guide the students who want to take admission. In our college, the name of that blog is That’s IITK where you can obtain all the required information about the branches in our college, it’s pros and cons. Like that, there are other portals of other IITs that also guide the students.

2. Talk to seniors who already study in that college- This is also important as you are now able to know about the environment in that particular college. Tell them about your choice and seek their guidance. They can tell you better about that branch and also tell you about the best options available. I met seniors in my previous coaching institute and it really helped me.

3. Decide your preference order for choice filling – Now, it’s time to decide what choice you are going to give and in which order. Prepare a list on a piece of paper and also consult seniors to do that. This is really very important step as some of the people are not able to get even a seat in IITs.

This happened with one of my friends. He actually got a three digit rank in JEE advanced. But was not able to get a seat in IITs. This was just because of wrong choice filling. Since, he was a fresher that time. So, he again appeared for JEE and obtained three digit rank.

4. Balance your branch and college – It is also required as the college matters during the time of placements and internships.

5. Wait till you get your Dream College and branch – After deciding preferences, what you have to do is to wait till you get branch and college of your choice.

So, this was the process that I followed during the counselling process.shivam

Good luck everyone! And I hope you get a branch and college of your choice.

Shivam Choudhary is a B.Tech 2nd year student of Chemical Engineering at IIT Kanpur.


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