Hopes and Interests Never Die

by Satyendra Tiwari

With JEE Advanced results out, excitement and curiosity is at peak. The mind is full of lot many question; what branch will I get? Should I opt for a good institute or a good branch? I am here to tell you my story. I am Satyendra Tiwari, an undergraduate student at IIT Roorkee.

Back in 2013 I too was at same stage. I secured 5598 rank in JEE Advanced in general category. This result made me happy (sure, I can have IITian Tag now ) but still limited my choice for selection of branch and IIT . First of all the major problem I faced was lack of awareness about different branches and their academic curriculum. During our preparation for JEE we are only concerned with three subjects namely Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. However, these engineering discipline are quite wide and different based on these fundamental subjects.

To know more about these branches, I browsed different IITs website and their academic curriculum, their campus life. I even enquired and asked for opinions from my acquaintances who were doing engineering about it. I followed many Facebook groups and pages for JEE counselling. I even checked opening and closing rank for previous year of each branch through internet. This provided me rough guess of what all I can get during my counselling.

I was basically interested in Chemistry oriented subject. I prioritized my list based on two major considerations: one was the Institute to go and other was branch towards my subject of interest. IITs (especially older one) have well stabilized infrastructure and curriculum which provides you exposure to real world scenario, life filled with lots of challenges and competition to grow, lots of learning opportunities. This improves your thought process and provides new perspective to see world around you. Another consideration, your discipline of your choice is what keeps you going for your four or five year (talking about Dual degree courses) of stay in college. Both these are complementary to each other, not substitute. So, your choice should balance these two.

I prioritized my choices accordingly in my choice filling. I was allotted Polymer science at IIT Roorkee in first round of counselling and remained same till final round. Finally, I got polymer Science at IIT Roorkee.

The story doesn’t end here, as the game was still on. Most of IITs have their own set of rules which allows branch change latter according to your grades or CGPA (in IIT Roorkee it is after first semester). I was satisfied with my branch but solid state chemistry especially interested me taking my interest to Materials Science. I applied for branch change and got Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. Materials Science part of my branch is really fascinating for me. I find it really interesting.

My suggestion to all those who are going for counselling will be:

  • Check previous year statistics for opening and closing rank for different branches and IITs – make a list of it.
  • Visit websites of respective IITs and know more about branch and curriculum.
  • Ask questions on websites like Quora, related Facebook groups and pages.
  • Try to prioritize your list depending upon balance between Good College and branch of your choice. Sure placement is a major concern to all, take it into consideration too. But while selecting try to delay it for some time and if you can, explore and build your interest and skill. This is one factor that gives you satisfaction in long run.
  • Never lose hope if you could not get branch of your choice by rank, you still have chance waiting inside IIT.

You are about to start a journey whose destination is yet to be decided. Preserve your zeal to learn and grow.

   Only as high as I reach can I grow,

                            Only as far as I seek can I go,

                            Only as deep as I look can I see,

                            Only as much as I dream can I be!

Good Luck and All the Best.Satyendra Tiwari

Satyendra Tiwari is a final year student of B. Tech. in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering at IIT Roorkee.


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