Interest keeps you going

by Shubham Gupta

First of all, congratulation to all who have successfully cracked one of the toughest exams conducted in India, JEE. Now you have successfully entered the most confusing and disturbing phase after JEE, the counselling period and finalising the preferences.

Let’s start with what I did last year i.e. 2015 during this phase. My status last year was as follows:

  • Category: GENERAL
  • JEE Advanced AIR: 3108
  • JEE Mains AIR: 15934
  • BITSAT Score: 314
  • UPTU Rank: 175
  • VIT Rank: 625
  • Board Percentage: 88.8%

Yes, you guessed it right my final choice was obviously an IIT, no second thoughts. Moving forward, what should be my preference order while filling up JoSAA list? Actually I am a guy who is inclined towards electrical engineering due to its vastness. Unlike most aspirants, I preferred EE over CSE. So where could I get EE? In any of the old IITs? No! I had options to new IITs (established 2008-09).

So, the points one should keep in mind while opting for any branch/college are mentioned:

1. Prefer branch over college if you have a deep interest in a particular branch, after all IIT (new or old) is IIT.

2. If there isn’t any branch preference (This should not be the case) then you can opt for a college with a better infrastructure, environment, permanent campus etc.

3. Consult people who have already faced this dilemma or the ones who are working in this field. Just ignore the ones who give senseless suggestions without any facts.

4. Don’t compromise for getting the IIT tag. For instance your JEE MAINS rank is around 1000 and JEE ADVANCED rank around 7000, go for a better NIT.

So, what all did I do?

  • Got my AIR.
  • Searched where I could get EE
  • Finalized my preference order with my father and my uncle (Uncle has a coaching institute in Gurgaon where I used to study)
  • I kept EE of all the IITs above any other branch
  • Filled up JoSAA preference order
  • Wait till the 4th counselling result

One thing is for sure, you can study a subject you love in a moderate campus but you will find difficulty in studying a subject which isn’t of great interest to you.

I chose IIT Indore finally and this was what I got in pre-counselling result, 1st counselling result, 2nd, 3rd and even in the 4th counselling result. It’s my personal advice “DONT FREEZE”, just keep your counselling result on float. You might get a better one.

Regarding my life at IITI, I would just say I am satisfied to an extent of 90% with my decision. I won’t fake it, 10% less is just for the fact that campus is still under progress, though the campus is more than enough to satiate my needs. But yes that 90% includes everything which I require to spend my 4 years at this beautiful place called IIT INDORE.


Shubham Gupta is a 2nd year student of Electrical Engineering at IIT Indore.


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