Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope

by Pranav Agarwal

The much awaited JEE Advance 2016 results are out. Congratulations to everyone who has cleared the most prestigious examination IIT-JEE.

My time of JEE Counseling was very difficult. AIR-8880 is the one on which a general category student can neither be happy nor be sad. I just missed out the chance to be in top 7000 by 10 marks and that was a very typical situation. My JEE result was announced on 18th of June, 2015. That same day I came to know about the Architecture Branch in IITs. The cutoffs were also low for architecture up to 8430 for the year 2014. So, I decided to give the Architecture Aptitude Test for the IITs. The exam went normal and I was expecting 60% chances of clearing it. I was not good with drawing skills at that time. The result came on 24th June and I cleared the aptitude test (P.S. Admission to architecture branch is done on JEE Advanced AIR).

Now the biggest dilemma started whether I should opt for architecture or not. I started posting in many JEE Counseling groups and trying to find Architecture seniors to give me an overall view of the field. Last year, JEE Mains ranks were also getting late so I got more time for introspection. Finally, I found many seniors who helped me know what architecture is in IITs. So, now after spending one year in architecture branch at IIT Kgp, I would like to recommend to all aspiring students especially low rankers that don’t think if you are not good at drawing (Sketches, Portraits), then you cannot do architecture. Architecture is how you define spaces and it needs lots of technical stuffs but creativity is also required. I would strictly recommend not taking architecture if you love physics, chemistry and you want to go into research.

Now, regarding my counseling, the mock round counseling results came on 1st of July. I was allotted IIT Kgp architecture branch. But in the actual counseling’s 1st round results, I was not allotted anything. I was mentally broken. I didn’t even talk to anybody for 3-4 days and finally I had decided to take a drop but the destiny had decided something else for me. On 14th of July, result of second round of counseling came, I was allotted IIT Kharagpur Architecture and I was happy.

Now, I have completed my one year of my stay at IIT Kharagpur and I am quite happy with my decision. But do remember architecture department is something different from other departments at IIT Kharagpur. It is open 24×7 and you can work here any time suitable to you. Even at IIT Kharagpur, you have the freedom to take a MINOR degree in some other department. I myself have applied for a MINOR degree in Mathematics and Computing.

Students right now having their counseling should see the curriculum details of respective branches of different IITs and make an informed decision. Post on counseling groups and you will get one or the other IITian to help you. Especially for Architecture at IIT Kgp, you can always contact me at pranavagarwal05@iitkgp.ac.in.

Pranav Agarwal is student of B.Arch at IIT Kharagpur, currently in his second year of study.




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