Seat Allotment – Realization of Dreams

Seat Allotment - IIT JEE Counselling

by Shishir Singh

Many congratulations for making up to this stage!!!

One last hurdle awaits before you start living your dream. I will be sharing my counselling experience and valuable guidelines to keep in mind that will help you sail through.

I appeared in IIT-JEE 2012 and secured AIR 5455 (GEN). I was allotted B. Tech. in Petroleum Engineering at ISM, Dhanbad after fourth round of counselling. I used the course curricula, past year’s opening and closing ranks list and lots of input from a senior at ISM Dhanbad about the different courses and colleges for getting rid of all the dilemmas which are bothering you today before preparing my choice list and locking it. I preferred Petroleum Engineering over other courses due to its excellent placement records. When I graduated, the petroleum industry suffered a downturn and the placements were average. Nevertheless, it was an enriching experience befitting my expectations.

The choices you make during the counselling are going to define your life. Therefore it’s important to stay calm and not get overwhelmed even if you have secured a good rank. At the same time students whose rank is not so good should not be disappointed. By help of proper guidance and right choices you can turn the tide in your favor.  I have seen many people with good ranks making bad choices and then complaining about it and people making the most out of their ranks and cherishing the choices they made. Patience and right consultation is the whole ball game of counselling.

If you have secured an AIR < 2000, then counseling is going to be more or less straightforward if you follow the basic guidelines. For students having AIR between 2000 and 3000, it will be tricky. But for those beyond 3000, it will pose never-ending dilemmas such as institute vs branch, B. Tech @ New IITs vs Integrated courses at Old IITs and ISM or New IITs. I would suggest the following on these dilemmas.

1. Institute Vs Branch: If you are interested in core engineering, then go for the branch. If your hobby, entrepreneurship or your lifestyle defines you, then go for the institute.

2. Tech at New IITs Vs Integrated courses at Old IITs: If you are research oriented then you must choose integrated course otherwise prefer B.Tech programs.

3. ISM or New IITs: The conversion of ISM to IIT is in its last stage. When you will be admitted, it will be IIT Dhanbad. So, no need to go for New IITs, which are lacking infrastructure, just for the sake of IIT tag.

NOTE: Take as much advice as you can. Rely on the information provided by college students.

Must Have Resources: Counselling Brochure, Course List & Opening and Closing Rank data for past few years.

Rule of Thumb for Counselling: Fill every course as if you are the last ranker and you will cling to anything. You should get rid of the thoughts like your rank is good enough to get you a certain course and you don’t need to fill the alternate choices. This can be a life altering decision and you should not take a risk. While arranging the choice list think from the perspective of student with AIR 1. Start from best college and best course and move ahead according to your choices. Sometimes odds and stats can be wrong and you can get a course you never expected.

Maximum choice filling increases your odds of getting a seat and arrangement from AIR 1 perspective optimizes your choice list.


  • Don’t get disappointed with your rank.
  • Consult with parents, mentors and IITians. Visit discussion forums on Facebook run by IIT students. Ask a lot of questions. Make a choice that defines you.
  • Fill maximum choices.
  • Check order before locking. No need to hurry.Shishir
  • Don’t wait for deadline.

Best of Luck!

Shishir Singh is a B.Tech student at IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.


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