The Decision that matters for life

by Aditya Deo

Congratulations for securing a rank in JEE Advance. Now I know some of you would be ecstatic while some would be slightly disappointed for not being able to get what you had expected however you need to understand that the choice you make now would go a long way in defining what you are going to do in your life. I secured a rank of 3461 (open category) and I am now currently pursuing electrical engineering at IIT Indore. I based my decision on a lot of criteria and below are some of them.

1. Wanted to learn: Not that I had an insatiable hunger for learning and knowledge but I felt a need to be self sufficient and independent.

2. A challenge you seek: No option you have is a cakewalk. Every option is a different kind of challenge and you should choose the one which suits you best.

3. Placements: Placements are not everything!! You need to understand that you shall be placed four years later which is a very long time from now; your decision cannot be based only on that factor. Also, placement refers only to the first job you take; make sure that in these years you develop skills keeping in my mind not only your first job but many others!!!

3. Senior’s Say: Understand that every person has their views and their decisions depend on those views. Unless you share those views, it is very unlikely that their decisions would work for you. You should definitely listen to the informed opinions of your seniors, however the good or bad of the decision stays with YOU.

4. Rankings: The rankings give us a fair idea of how a certain survey perceives each college. That doesn’t make any college good or bad. They are just numbers, they do mean something but not everything, they, in no way, define any college completely.

5. There is uncertainty and with it are hopes: You cannot predict how you are going to do in an IIT. It is different from anything you have done before. That`s why you do not exactly know how things are going to happen. We cannot be sure of future and that is precisely how you should be choosing, hopeful yet aware of the uncertainties. This doesn’t mean that one should be sceptical. Just be aware that things do not always go as per the plans.

When I had to make the decision, I talked to a lot of people, relatives and friends. I also resorted to internet. There are many helpful websites and a lot of informed opinions. I found out the opening and closing ranks of all the courses I was interested in and the courses I was most likely to get.

Generally, for someone of my rank, it boils down to “older IIT Vs preferred course.” One has to compromise. You can either secure a seat in the older IITs and opt for a less preferred course or opt for the newer IITs and more preferred course. The choice you have to make shall depend on what exactly you are planning to achieve in these four years of college. And for me, fortunately, this has been much more of good things, than what I had asked for.

Also, do not listen to everything everyone says (this article inclusive ;P). Also I strongly suggest that your preference list should have dream choices followed by optimistic ones and then the realistic ones. DO NOT include any option in the list just for the sake of including it and without any intention of seriously pursuing it.

Sometimes there is no right decision, you take a decision and make it right. You definitely will enjoy what lies ahead. I wish all of you the best not only for the allotments but also for the upcoming journey.

Aditya Deo is a second year Electrical Engineering student of IIT Indore.



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