IIT JEE – Crossing the Finish Line

by Rupank Pahuja

Maybe the best person to advise on last minute preparation is the one who messed up in this critical period.

I know that the time between JEE Mains and JEE Advanced is very important. Let me give you an analogy. You all have seen the 200 m sprints, right? Assume you and your classmate, who is as intelligent as you are, are running and have covered 195 m distance at same time. Now, this time and this place can be compared with JEE Mains. Now, you both are running vigorously and your friend starts to dip, bend his body in front so that he can touch the line, even if his legs are at same position as yours. You got the idea right? Both of you have done the same hard work. Now all that counts is – Who is willing to bend his back the most?

This is achievable. It is critical but easy compared to the hard work done before. Wanna know how? Read along.

In any task you accomplish, your thoughts play a major role. Assume that you know what you have to do but you you’ll only accomplish that task if you have the mind-set, the inspiration, right? You have to believe in yourself, in your hard work.

While an athlete is finishing his race, he cannot afford to look at his competitors. Remember, Milkha Singh – The Flying Sikh? Look within and draw all your energy and drive to succeed in these last few days. Study more hours and study more efficiently.

Some suggestions:

  • When attempting a mock paper or just solving some particular set of questions, collect sufficient work which would require at least three hours. Create an exam like environment. Sit with your water bottle and a stopwatch.
  • Try to study in the mornings. Don’t sleep in afternoon. Adjust your biological clock according to the JEE-Advanced schedule. (9-12, 2-5).
  • Keep your study table absolutely free of distractions. No pen-stand, no other subject notes, no formulae booklets.
  • Paste your family’s pictures in front of your study table. Whenever you are distracted, looking at them will remind you of your purpose.
  • Don’t get started seeing the questions. Glance through the entire section first and then decide which section you have to attempt first. Generally, the more scoring sections (easier and shorter) should be attempted first.
  • Don’t make any preconceived notion about any question. Read each question twice carefully, before attempting it.
  • Ditch the question if it’s taking more than five minutes. Don’t get carried away or emotional when it comes to a particular question in maths or physics.
  • Keep repeating the formulae in your mind during your free time.

Rupank Pahuja is a 1st year B.Tech. student at IIT Indore.



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