IIT JEE – The Absolutely Essential Books

iit jee absolutely essential books

by Somesh Mohapatra

The whole choice of Resources for the JEE Preparation brings in a tirade of thoughts, suggestions, and talks from seniors, teachers and all around. Sometimes, in the idea of getting the best for us and preparing in the best possible manner for the highest rank, we forget that the initial zeal is not going to be on throughout and it is the calmness and the ones that we can carry in the worst of times that is actually what is going to be of help.

It took a bit of pondering to get to the books needed, remembering all the jargon and trash, filtering through the ideas of the bygone times, then the mistakes…

For the series, I have limited it to just two books or one specialized book, given that you follow NCERTs diligently and solve the previous years’ questions chapter-wise at the end of every section. Finally, it is here for you:

PHYSICS – I recommend

  • HC Verma – Part 1 and Part 2 (for Theory and Practice)
  • Resnick HallidayAmit Gupta and MK Singhal Versions (for Theory and Understanding in Depth)

It is hard to skip IE Irodov, but given the limited space I would prefer to, and because of the fact that Irodov involves questions and approaches that might not be appropriate in a generalised manner (although I followed Irodov in Kota). Still, the ones mentioned above shall suffice well.

CHEMISTRY – Taking the liberty to answer one each for the three streams of Chemistry:

Inorganic Chemistry: With theory done from NCERT and College Textbook (I hope you are using something good for it), I would suggest V. Joshi’s Inorganic Chemistry by Cengage Publications. This covers the whole syllabus with IIT questions as archives and much more in different question patterns including comprehensions, tables, flowcharts, multiple choice and single choice option based questions.

Physical Chemistry: The theory of NCERT is pretty good, still needs to be advanced further to understand the finer points – I recommend Physical Chemistry by Ranjeet Shahi

Organic Chemistry: Having been a staunch fan of Organic Chemistry, I would have liked to point at a good number of books but now, would stick to Morrison and Boyd for Organic Chemistry.

MATHEMATICS – Now, this is one very large genre in itself with questions abound and tricks and practice involved at the highest level. Thus, I would suggest taking a large amount of questions from NCERT, RD Sharma and then escalating to

  • Comprehensive Mathematics by Arihant/Cengage Publications
  • 34 Years’ Questions in Mathematics IIT JEE


Now, it is high time that you are done with the preparation from the books and are in for the Test Papers and the Series. Whether you take one from Allen, Bansal or FIITJEE, it would hardly matter because all of the institutes put in an ounce more always. Still, my suggestion would be sticking to AITS, FIITJEE given that this All India evaluation of JEE Advanced Test Series has been around for a while and trusted and taken by a large number of students.

I hope I have done a good job in arranging the books and the Test Series for you, and now give an equal amount of time without delving more into your favorite subject while ignoring the importance of others. It is pretty necessary to be in such a system to understand the idea of equal marks distribution and maximizing your opportunity to score the best and be in the top rankers.


Somesh Mohapatra is a 2nd year B.Tech. student at IIT Roorkee.



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