No Magic Formula to Crack IIT JEE

by Harsh Agarwal

 “There is no elevator to success.
You have to take the stairs – one small step at a time ”.

Instead of studying hard blindly, you need to study smart. The JEE syllabus is immense and you have weeks to go to JEE Advanced. So you need to get only one thought in your mind – “Time Management”.

1. Get rid of distractions: Just get out of Facebook and uninstall Whatsapp. If possible, try not to have a smartphone till the exams. It just distracts you from your goals.

2. Take 2 minutes to plan, first thing everyday: Everyday when you wake up in the morning, take 2 minutes to think of what you want to achieve today. If possible, make a planning document and write your full plan in it along with the time that you want to devote to each subject everyday.

3. Be realistic about plans: Make practical and realistic plans, stretching yourself – but not impossible. If you are planning on completing a full Irodov chapter or solving a full FIITJEE grand masters package in 1 full day (which I tried to do many times), you are wrong. Everything requires time and patience. In the beginning, your plan might not work – but if you persevere, you will start to like it as your chapters will not only be completed in time, but you will even get some free time.

4. Understand, don’t mug up: JEE Advanced paper is set in such a way that option checking (or should I say guessing?) or mugging up questions and answers does not work at all. So understand the fundamentals and know how to apply them.

5. Do not neglect Chemistry: My friends used to focus on Maths and Physics only and they faced many difficulties towards the end. Since it is a simple and a scoring subject, do devote a few hours everyday or every alternate day to Chemistry and make sure to maximize your scores there.

6. Have faith in your coaching and follow every guideline: Do not be influenced by your friend who says that his/her coaching is the best . Since I used to go to a private coaching in my hometown, I just referred to my Sir’s notes for theory, my Sir’s practice sheet for problems and a few extra books (Tata McGrawHill for Maths , M.L. Khanna for organic chemistry, Singesh for Physics, Resonance for Test Series).

Peer pressure – don’t compare yourself with others

Often, you will see your friends performing better than you in the tests or your coaching Sir praising them or you will hear them bragging about that they solved this package, they went to this Sir, they joined this test series and so on. It is easy to feel demotivated and start doubting your own preparation sometimes. Friends, that is very wrong. Do not give in to such things. During my time also, I used to feel demotivated and often used to return home with a heavy heart because my friend had got better marks than me.

Keep your family close

The only solution to this is that talk to someone about it. I used to talk to my parents whenever I used to feel low and believe me or not, just by talking to them I used to feel that my greatest loss is actually my greatest victory. During your preparation, treat your parents as friends, and share everything with them.

Don’t spend time planning / guessing which rank you will get or which admission you will get before writing the exam. Just have faith in your hard work and leave the rest to God.

As told by Krishna in the Gita:

सर्वश्रेस्थ नही, उत्तम बनने की कोशिस करो, सफलता अपने आप जायागी !”

Last, but not the least, I would like to tell to all of my friends out there – YOU JUST GOTTA BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. While writing the JEE exam paper, keep your cool, have faith in your preparation and be prepared for anything. In my JEE Advanced 2015 paper, the multiple choice format with  +4 and -2 really scared me to death, but I quickly recovered to do well.

So I would like to end with another famous quote:

              “PRACTICE as if you are the WORST, PERFORM as if you are the BEST.”

Thank You.

Harsh Agarwal is a 1st year B.Tech. student at IIT Hyderabad.

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