Rapid Learning & Solving

by Vivek Verma

Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”

If you want to perform better than others, prepare differently. To crack one of the toughest entrance exams, you need speed.

Some points that I followed during my JEE preparation are:

#1. Passion: If someone has to learn something, it should be his/her passion. Develop a passion for the subjects and the concepts and fall in love with them. Learning will never be a chore again.

#2. Planning your studies well: I made a time-table every single day while I prepared. A good time table should include your study time as well as your other activities. Studying subjects like chemistry (theoretical part from other subjects as well) in morning hours helps a lot to remain focussed on your studies. I will suggest instead of going late night study go for early morning hours (for any subject) because it will enhance your capacity of learning. Moreover, there are no distractions in the early hours.

#3. Periodical Revision: Going through periodical revisions also helps a lot in keeping every concept clear, fresh and fully understood. The period after which one needs to revise may become different for different subjects and different students. Revise theoretical topics more frequently than the numerical concepts. Chemistry (especially inorganic chemistry) requires more revision than other ones.

#4. Increase Your Comprehension Skills: This point can be followed by the students who have more than one year left in appearing for the exam. You have to  build your linguistics skills (in English or Hindi, depends on your medium of preparation), so that you can read the books or comprehend your classes easily.

#5. Remembering, Understanding and Applying: Use this methodology for each subject. For mathematics, generally students get scared by seeing some standard formulae for integration and differentiation. It is not that scary. After studying the basics and concepts, when you have understood each and everything, then go for solving problems. And believe me those formulae will come to your fingertips without memorizing them.

#6. Take Study Breaks: Take breaks after studying 20 to 30 minutes continuously to get relaxed. But remember your break should not be so long  that you lose your interest in studying. Study breaks also requires to give rest to our brain and eyes and it will enhance your learning speed. Studying for too long will result into sleepy nature and decrease in the grasping capacity of your brain.

#7. Healthy Diet: A healthy brain needs a healthy diet. This point is not only for the JEE aspirants but for all. Go for frequent meals of small portions, as this is better for your metabolism.

#8. Meditation: Try meditation in early morning hours before sunrise – this is a big stress buster and lets you focus much better.

#9. And lastly the thing which is the most important part for improving the speed of solving the problems is Keep Practicing. Normally, it happens for some students while achieving the speed of solving the proble
ms they end up losing their accuracy. For them, practicing all kinds of problems is the solution. Practice more and more problems to increase your accuracy as well as speed. Always give your 100%, and you will make it.



Vivek Verma is a 3rd year B.Tech. student at IIT Roorkee.


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