5 Most-Important Tips for FMS PI

FMS Interview

by Abhay Agarwal, FMS Delhi

Getting a good percentile is the first step in your journey towards MBA but it is now that the real competition starts. You compete for a seat with people of almost the same IQ. Thus, it is important to differentiate yourself from the crowd and that is what this article is about. This is my journey towards one of the best B-Schools i.e. FMS, Delhi.

It is a common misconception that the PI process does not carry much value in the selection process of FMS. It is true that 15% weightage is given, but this can create a huge difference.

I would like to start by first sharing my experience. FMS has PI + Extempore as its selection process. Extempore is just at the start of every individual PI. 1 minute time is given to speak on the topic which was given by the panel. My Topic was ‘Medical Tourism’. I had little idea about this topic at that time so I requested them to change my topic. But I strongly recommend against it. It does not create a good impression.

I was given a new topic which was ‘Swacch Bharat’ and I was able to speak for 1 minute on this topic. Then the Interview started. It was highly based on my knowledge of the current affairs. I was asked for the names of the publishers of certain newspapers. I was then asked about my Under Graduation as I was a fresher. I was also asked some HR questions like Why MBA? This went on for about 15 minutes and my Interview was over.

My advice to all aspirants:

#1 – Get to know about as many things as you can. The flow of the interview cannot be predicted. People sitting there have very high experience and you cannot fool them.

#2 – Follow news daily and form an opinion of your own. This acts as a differentiator. Everyone knows the facts but opinions are unique.

#3 – Don’t be in a hurry to give the answer. Take 5 seconds and then articulate the answer in your mind before speaking. This gives fluency which is appreciated in all the interviews.

#4 – Do not panic about the situation you are in. They do not expect you to know everything. So, You can politely say that you don’t know the answer.

#5 – Try to be as honest as you can in HR answers because then you can truly defend your answers.

These are some of the best points that I can remember from my interviews.

Try to give as many mock PIs as you can and be at your best during the most important 15 mins of your life.

Wishing all the best to all the aspirants.

Abhay Agarwal


Abhay Agarwal is a student of Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi.

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