5 Ways to Manage Pressure in MBA Entrance Exams

5 Ways to Manage Pressure in MBA Entrance Exams

A host of MBA entrance exams are lined up – it is absolutely natural to be apprehensive and stressing out frequently. But that does not add positively to anything in any way.

MentorYes shares 5 easy ways to beat stress.


You can’t avoid nervousness – that is a fact! Recognizing that is the first step to staying calm.

When nervousness grows into anxiety and panic, things seem to go haywire and start spiraling uncontrollably. This affects the ability of your brain to process information and solve questions.

Rather, just close your eyes and take long breaths. This kind of breathing will calm you down and help in decreasing stress and nervousness. Motivate and talk to yourself simultaneously. Say sentences like “I am fine”, “I will do it” and “Everything is in place” in your head. Remember “All is Well” from 3 Idiots, it really works!

Similarly, if you blank out in the middle of an exam, just take a minute’s pause and breathe deeply instead of panicking. Once you are calm, concepts will come back to the brain again and you will be all set to resume. If this does not solve the problem, then move to the next question and come back to it afterwards, because wasting a lot of time on one question is not at all advisable.


Use the 1-2-3 Strategy of attempting exams, shared previously by MentorYes. This helps you focus your energies on tackling the easier questions first – thus ensuring a good foundation and minimum score, before you get into tougher questions. This is both efficient and confidence boosting.


This is an important factor when it comes to abstaining yourself from the last minute tension in aptitude tests. Time yourself properly from the very first second of the exam and devote time to various questions as deemed fit. Solve the paper smartly!


Do not think of the consequences while solving questions. For example, in the event of failure to solve a question, you might be led into thinking that the chance to get into your dream B- School is crashed. Such kinds of thoughts build up pressure and negativity in the mind and consequently affect its functioning. Therefore, avoid being too far sighted during the exam!

#5 – RELAX

Take the final test like a mock exam that you must have already given prior to the real one. Do not think of the exam day as “The Day” or “The Judgment Day”. Attributing unnecessary hype to the exam will only build up anxiety and contribute to nothing else. So chill out and relax.
Good Luck!!

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Author: Amisha Gupta, MentorYes

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