Keep these in mind while applying to ISB

Admissions to ISB

by Kunal Anand, ISB Hyderabad

Indian School of Business is unlike any other business school, and I am sure that this fact applies to almost all the B-schools out there but it is more prominent in the context of India.

Unlike most other business schools in India, ISB prefers experienced candidates and ranks amongst the top 30 in the world as well as top 2 in India. This is with reason, the cohort and professors that you get in ISB are World Class, and most of the visiting professors agree with the fact that it only gets better each year.

If you are applying to ISB with conviction, then you need to consider the following facts and integrate them into your application.

#1 – Decide Early

Set your target as soon as possible, applications which are submitted at the last moment are rarely good enough to pass through the first set of checks. Incomplete efforts are clearly visible. Set a target admission cycle and count back the days for a proper amount of time dedicated to Essays, GMAT preparation, Interview preparation, and Mock Tests.

#2 – Know Yourself

When you are applying to any good B-School, you first need to introspect and finalize the facets of your experience that you are going to highlight. ISB prefers a well-rounded application and in-depth understanding of your domain/industry which should be clearly visible in your profile through essays. Your essays should narrate the aspects of your life experiences which you would like to highlight, and should not be cluttered with garbage.

#3 – Make a List

Invariably ISB will ask, directly or indirectly, about your achievements for which you should make a laundry list of everything that you have done. After writing all the essays, find aspects which are not clearly visible in your profile and highlight those through the achievements section. If you were school champion 8 years ago, that doesn’t matter anymore unless you pursued that passion and reached another milestone later in life.

#4 – Don’t do the Cliché

Most of the applications that people write have the same stories of similar experiences and events. Try and do something which highlights you in the crowd, and for that, you can plan ahead. If you have decided to pursue MBA from a reputed school well ahead of the target admission cycle, then go out there and get some life experiences which will be beneficial for life and for applications. You never know, you may end up discovering your passion for life. I know people in ISB Alumni Network who ended up at the becoming certified mountaineers and still pursue the life with the day jobs.

#5 – Attend Events

ISB Admissions team holds a lot of events throughout the year, ranging from Deans Speaker Series and Fairs to Current Student Meet-Ups, attend as many as possible as you will get varied perspectives which will help you in your application process. You can check out the ISB Admission Events section on the website for further details.

#6 – Diversity

Indian School of Business selects are a wide variation of profiles for each class, so if you are one of the diversity – do not shy away from applying. Amongst the Indian applicant’s diversity is generally defined as non-engineers, so even if your GMAT score is close to mid 700’s but the profile is strong, then apply.

ISB currently has two essays in the application process and an optional essay. Prepare your essay and resume well, as the admissions team has to shortlist you based on the story you showcase in them.

Good Luck!

Kunal Anand, ISB


Kunal Anand is a student at Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad.

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