FAQs For GD-WAT-PI – A Ready Compilation


by Kashish Narula, PGPM 2015-17, MDI Gurgaon

Hi all,

As you all must be getting calls for different interview processes, you all must be wishing to have a consolidated list of all types of questions that are asked in the interviews or needed to be filled in interview forms. It’s always better to have a ready answer when the interviewer ask you something, so to help that out I have created a list of all questions that are generally asked (outside of the technical domain) in various B-school admission interviews or in the pre-requisite form.

Here is a list of consolidated FAQs for your convenience:

General Questions:

#1 – Tell me about yourself.
#2 – Tell something about your formative years.
#3 – Why MBA?
#4 – Why this specialization? (Marketing/Finance/HR/Operations etc.)
#5 – What are your strengths and weaknesses?
#6 – What are your long term and short term goals?
#7 – Tell me about the situations when you have taken charge in your personal life.
#8 – Have you ever participated in any academic, social, cultural, sports or any other extra-curricular activity in detail? (Explain in detail)
#9 – Why Engineering/Commerce/Arts etc.?
#10 – What alternative careers are you considering and why?
#11 – What is your most significant accomplishment so far?
#12 – What are your present hobbies?
#13 – What do you consider to be of most importance in your life?
#14 – Describe a challenging situation that you have faced in life and how did you tackle the same?
#15 – Specific distinctiveness.
#16 – Distinct contributions to the society by you or your family members.
#17 – Did you contribute to the process or the outcome – Yes/No? If failed what were your learnings? If exceeded expectations what was your specific contribution?
#18 – Were you a part of a team where the group process, intended outcome either failed or exceeded expectations. What was your role?
#19 – Have you faced an ethical dilemma? Yes/No?
#20 – Have you been in a situation where you have bought about any improvements in yourself, your work or society?

Work-Ex Related:

#1 – Tell your roles and responsibilities at you work experience in detail.
#2 – Do you have any achievements during your professional career?
#3 – Describe briefly the most important situation in which you have demonstrated your ability to work in teams during your professional career.
#4 – Describe briefly the most important situation in which you have demonstrated leadership skills during your professional career.
#5 – Describe briefly your current or most recent job responsibilities. State the knowledge and skills you have acquired from this experience.
#6 – Have you opted this job by your wish? Why are you leaving now?

Institute Related:

#1 – What are all the calls you have?
#2 – Why this institute?
#3 – SOP for doing this program.
#4 – What was your dream college when you appeared for CAT?

Some General GD-WAT-PI tips:

So, starting with PI, get ready with the answers to the questions above as most of the questions are generally asked in 90% of the interviews (or in interview forms). Always try to make the whole interview a simple conversation. Also, try to understand the technical expertise of the panel during the conversation or by seeing their LinkedIn profile or talking to some student of the college, if possible. That helps you in understanding how much you should restrict yourself in going in their domain. Try to keep the ball in your court always and they appreciate honest and simple conversations. Learn answers to these above-mentioned questions and know what to say.

For GD, try to lead the discussion with good points and don’t get too aggressive or adamant about your point. Non-verbal behavior also matters. Never try to cut anyone who’s making a genuine point or is talking for the first time in the GD. In case you have no idea about the GD topic, wait for some time and listen to others and make your points in agreement or opposition to them as per your knowledge. Remember that number of entries don’t matter that much. The things that matter the most are the quality of your points and your behavior during the GD. There are brownie points for those who bring the off-track discussions back on track smoothly.

For WAT, always be crisp and legible. Always follow a proper structure of thoughts and put your points by connecting the dots. If you are asked to summarize your GD as WAT, try to summarize all the points covered in discussion and not only your points.

Hence, at last, I would like to say that don’t only depend on these questions as I haven’t covered the technical and current affairs questions in the list which many people would come across as per their flow of the interview. But in general, I feel that these points can help in handling most of the admission processes across B-schools and I wish you all luck in getting the B-school of your dreams.

Kashish Narula, MDI


Prepared / Consolidated by Kashish Narula, a student at Management Development Institute (MDI) Gurgaon.

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