My Tricky FMS Interview – From Mythology to Management

FMS Interview Experience

by Aman Bedi, FMS Delhi

FMS Delhi has a high weightage to CAT scores. However, the FMS interview is a different experience compared to all the others I had till then. As the duration of the interview is much shorter than the ones in other colleges, it is imperative that you make a positive impact very quickly.

FMS 2015-2017 Batch Interview Experience

CAT – 99.68 

3 panelists. Two male panelists and one female panelist. M1 was sitting at the left, M2 at the centre guided my interview and F1 was sitting at the right.


M2: Introduce Yourself.

A: Spoke about Deloitte, working in the Cyber Security team there. Talked about being an Information Technology graduate from Manipal. Then entered Squash. Talked about my prizes in the sport. Went on to Reading and my interest in Fantasy and Mythology.

Awkward Pause. Assumed they wanted me to speak more on this.

Continued about how I am trying to diversify my reading interests and enter into business-oriented books and more mainstream literature.

M2: We want you to speak on Mythology and Management. You have around 10 seconds to compose your thoughts. (This was the extempore topic)

Scary trying to compose your thoughts in front of 3 people staring at you

#1 – Mahabharat reference. Related Dharma and Karma propagated in the Mahabharat to Ethics and Results. Talked about how ethical practices (dharma) always leads to good returns for the organization (karma).

F1 is scribbling points on a piece of paper. Probably marking me.

#2 – Ramayan reference. Related Ram giving up Sita for Ayodhya to a manager having to listen to his team, incorporate suggestions and ultimately sacrifice for the greater good. The Ram Rajya was considered ideal because Ram took into account all inputs of his citizens and established social order.

I looked at them for 2 seconds assuming time was done. They said okay. I was filled with a nagging feeling that I could have added an extra 10 seconds.

M2: Where are you working?

A: Talked about the Cyber Security work done at Deloitte.

M2: What are the recent happenings in this field?

A: GitHub Denial Of Service Attack.
British Airways Frequent Flyers Account Compromised.
Talked about the withdrawal of Section 66A in the domestic Scenario.

Discussed all the above points a little.

M2: Is 100% cyber security possible?

A: No sir with the speed at which technology is increasing (Moore’s law reference) there is a higher incentive to find loopholes in existing infrastructure. As long as the cost associated as reward for an attack is higher than the cost of the attack itself, systems can never rest easy.

M2 asks M1 if he has any questions

M1: Do you think IPL is good for Indian Cricket?

A: The day before the interview, I had read about Hooda having played a tremendous role in the last match. Took his reference to stress how the IPL was the most effective mechanism to bring the spotlight on hitherto unidentified or unappreciated domestic talent.

M1: Okay Aman Thank You!

A: Thank you! (cheerfully)

Felt good after the interview, to be honest, even with those few nagging worries.

Verdict – Direct Convert!

Two years down the line, FMS has been the best decision of my life, the place where I learned and grew into a confident individual with the excellent peer group around me. Whenever I read this interview, I am extremely humbled that this started what was such an amazing journey.

Aman Bedi


Aman Bedi is currently a student of Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi.

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