My IIFT GD-WAT-PI Experience

by Prakhar Agrawal, IIFT Delhi

Finally, the day was here – 2nd Feb when I was scheduled to have my IIFT GD-WAT-PI process! But before I talk about my performance on this day, let me walk you through my routine leading up to this. When the IIFT shortlist was declared, I was informed by my friend about my name being there (I wasn’t expecting it given my GK score of 1.33!) which was a pleasant surprise for me.

How I prepared

Not sure of what to do next, I frantically called up the coaching institute which I had joined for the exam preparation and was called up for the mock GD the very next day! Close to 20 students were present there and we were quickly briefed about the next rounds. First up was the written ability test (WAT) where we had to write a short essay on the given topic. Post that, there was this unique GD which involved every participant speaking on the topic for a minute before the floor was made open for discussion. If this wasn’t gruelling enough, there was an interview round to follow! In the meanwhile, all shortlisted students were sent a 10 pager CV form by IIFT to be filled and sent back.

Now that the goal was clear, I started my preparation by reading The Hindu regularly. One very important thing I did here was to form opinions based on the articles I read (this is what helps the most in GDs and Interviews).

Alongside this, I participated in several GD sessions to make sure I was comfortable with the format and kept improving with every GD. I also wrote a few essays and got it analysed by my mentor to understand how I could improve upon my writing skills. After religiously following this for a month, I could see a drastic improvement in my performance.

IIFT Group Discussion

And then came the day – 2nd Feb! GD topic – “Was Maggi ban justified?” My eyes lit upon hearing the topic as I had read multiple articles around this! Sailing through the GD wasn’t so tough and I spoke thrice during the discussion with some concise points that included a combination of facts and opinions.

IIFT Interview

My interview surprisingly had four interviewers looking at me, two of them smiling and the other two staring. After a quick introduction, I was asked about my responses to a few questions in the CV form which drove the interview for the next ten minutes. Then came the dreaded question of “What specialisation will you choose and why?”. Based on my response, I was quickly quizzed on some basic concepts relevant to the field which I handled well. All in all, the interview was about getting to know me well and examining how genuine I was about everything I had written in the CV form.

My advice – introspect before you start filling up the CV form, practice GDs in the actual format to perform well on the final day and be confident!

Prakhar Agrawal

Prakhar Agrawal is a student at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi (IIFT). He secured 99.46% in IIFT 2015.

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