Last few days to CAT… On the Marks… Get Set…

Last few days to CAT... On the Marks... Get Set

The ultimate test is just round the corner. What difference will this last leg of preparation make on your chances to Bell The CAT?

We bring to you this article to help you make the best of the remaining time and ace CAT- 2016.

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#1 – Revise; Don’t bite into too many new things

  • The decision to start an entirely new topic in Quant should depend on how much time will it take to get over. Topics like Clocks and Calendars that take about only a few hours to be prepared, can be picked up. On the other hand topics like Permutations and Combinations, Numbers, Geometry and Quadratic Equations, though crucial, better be left at this stage.
  • Your primary motive should be to revise what you have already learnt. This will avoid last minute panic, losing confidence in yourself and ruining what you have done so far.
  • 15 days are ample to augment your RC solving skills. Practice 3- 4 passages per day if that is one of your not-so-strong areas.

#2 – In Mocks, Quality >> Quantity

  • At this stage, do not take mocks every day. Alternate days works best.
  • Rather, devote time in analysing the previously attempted ones, consequently, adopting the final strategy after having tried different ones till this point of time.
  • Also, the last mock you take should be on the Friday before the exam.

#3 – Eat Healthy

  • Eat healthy. It is very important for you to take care of your health in this phase, both physical and mental. Do not stress yourself very much. Keep calm and revise.

#4 – Get your body clock in order

  • Set your body clock according to the exam timings so that your brain is the most active every day during the time period of the exam.
  • Make it a point to take the mock exams in the week before the exam at the exam time itself.
  • Get into healthy habits of hitting the bed latest by 10-11 pm, and get up as early as you will have to on the exam day.
  • Don’t spend the last hour before sleeping on studying / revising, watch a light comedy or a good novel and go to sleep with a calm mind.

#5 – Get all arrangements in place for the D-day

  • Visit your examination centre on Thursday / Friday before the exam. Check out the best route and travel time it may take.
  • Make travel arrangements beforehand. It is best to get a family member / friend to drop you / take a cab or auto – don’t add the strain of driving / finding parking to your exam day.
  • Check if any of your friends are also appearing at the same center – you can probably share a ride.

#6 – The day before the exam

  • Figure out what you like to do the most and just do it. Listen to music, read a book, watch your favourite TV shows, anything.
  • Do not discuss the exam with anyone. No questions, no practice, no revision. Just Treat Yourself!
  • Keep your bag for the exam ready – necessary stationery, admit card, cash, etc.
  • If it is some distance away, you may also want to pack a light snack to have just before the exam. An apple, banana, some biscuits and a juice works wonders before the exam.
  • Consider going on a brisk walk, short jog or exercise mildly in the evening before the exam to pump the blood flow to the brain.
  • Relax your back; have a warm and healthy meal, sleep on time and enjoy the paper.

All the best!!!

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Author: Amisha Gupta, MentorYes

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