Mocks are all-important to crack CAT

Mocks are all important to crack CAT

by Akshay Raghunath, IIMA

Nothing has boosted my confidence during CAT preparation more than mock CATs. CAT is not rocket science. However, this does not mean that it is a stroll in the park.

Practice is the key to cracking CAT. One must attempt as many diverse questions as possible. Mock tests are useful to tools to evaluate your preparation levels, to identify your strengths and weaknesses and to prepare yourself physically, mentally and psychologically for the grueling three hours.

I strongly exhort you to attempt at least 20-25 mock CATs in the run up to the actual test.

A few pointers related to mocks:

#1 – I would advise you to take your first mock once you have completed around 70-80% of the CAT syllabus.

#2 – Shut yourself in a room while taking mocks. Avoid all kinds of distractions. Also, be honest with yourself while attempting a mock.

#3 – Attempting mocks is not sufficient. You must go through your mistakes after the mock and identify where you went wrong. Work on your weaknesses and ensure that such mistakes are not repeated in subsequent mocks.

#4 – Do not get disheartened if your initial mock scores are low or you suffered a sudden dip. It happens to everyone. You must pull up your socks, identify where you went wrong and learn from the mistakes. Just ensure that if you look at the big picture, your performance graph is moving upwards as you take more and more mocks. akshay-raghunath-mentoryes-iima


Best of Luck!

Akshay Raghunath is a student at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

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