What drove me toward an MBA?

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by Chinmay Das, IIMA

I’ve been through numerous articles with tips on acing MBA exams and getting into premier colleges. In this article, I’ll discuss the reasons why I wanted to get into the IIMs.

Loved management more than I loved engineering

I’ve completed my Bachelors in Technology in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Bombay. I loved studying the subject matter and felt that a career in aerospace would be cool. After all, who doesn’t want to work on rockets and satellites? Halfway into the course, I realized that even though I enjoyed studying planes, I expected something different from my career.

Being a part of multiple event teams on campus, I experienced the work culture in ‘non-engineering settings’ and felt this was something I could carry forward throughout my career. The dynamic and challenging work culture being referred to here comprise the world of management.

Since I had no formal education in management, I felt that going for an MBA right after my undergraduate degree would equip me with the necessary skills to jump into and excel in the management world.

Better options than undergraduate placements

IIMs offer much better placements than the IITs, both in terms of salary packages and job opportunities. There are multiple reasons to it.

  1. An MBA degree prepares one for the challenges one would likely face in any of the ‘non-engineering’ jobs.
  2. Firms recruiting MBA graduates have a richer pool of students to hire from and are willing to pay more for that.
  3. Also, MBA candidates exercise far more independence in taking up jobs because of higher clarity towards an industry’s functioning.
  4. Lastly, an average MBA graduate is at least 2-4 years older than an average bachelor’s degree holder. Aging has its own perks; mainly experience and higher professionalism.

Knowing about all these advantages of getting an MBA degree, going for it was a no-brainer.

Time to think about what I wanted to do

By the time I reached the final year of my undergraduate studies, I had a job offer through the campus placements but I wasn’t very sure whether I wanted to take up that role. Most of the campus placements in any of the IITs don’t offer a ‘role – ability fit’. The target for college placements were always to place the entire college in the first 10 days rather than ensuring proper fit between one’s abilities and the roles offered by the firms.

I believed taking some time off would let me relax, take a step back and think clearly about the job description I expected to be in, once I set into the professional world. Getting into a good MBA institution and delaying the worries of getting a job offer for 2 years seemed like a good option. 1.5 years down the line, the choice to delay this has definitely turned out to be a healthy one.

I don’t recall having a single reason which triggered the wish of getting an MBA degree. Thinking from all the above-mentioned perspectives helped a lot. Remember, taking an informed choice is always better than taking decisions on one’s own. It is always suggested to get in touch with your seniors and know their reasons behind taking such a big step.

Best of Luck!Chinmay Das, IIMA, MentorYes

Chinmay Das is a student at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

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