What ISB means to me

by Simerpreet Singh, ISB


Like most fresh graduates, I also joined a corporation that hired me after campus interviews. I took my first corporate steps with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited where I worked as Assistant Manager (Sales) before joining ISB. In my four years of work experience, I handled safety audits, compliances and an annual turnover of Rs. 304 crores (~$50 million) at retail outlets. I also handled capital and revenue expenditures at 59 retail outlets during my latest assignment in 2015. It has honed my business skills, manpower management ability, and knowledge about different business functions. Although the career was good and future seemed even better, I believed that I had come to an end possible without an MBA.

Why MBA?

Through an MBA, I aspired to enhance my business acumen in areas like planning, objective setting and astute management of the business world, providing a holistic perspective to the world of business. Consequently, I aimed at closing the gap that exists between my present business acumen and the required skillset to grow in sales and marketing. Hence, I decided to pursue an MBA.

The Journey

I gave GMAT in April 2015 and applied to 3 colleges, Kellogg, UNC-Kanen Flagler and ISB. I got a call from UNC Kanen Flagler and ISB of which got selected in ISB in the class of 2017. Writing SOPs, filling applications and deciding which college to apply was not only costly but also time-consuming. A few friends extended their help guiding through the entire process which paid off why I got selected in ISB.

The Year at ISB

The one year journey at ISB started with orientation week followed by a roller coaster ride of 8 terms. Studying MBA at ISB encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone, manage time better and apply the latest management techniques, thereby making me more competitive. Apart from studies, I thrived in sports when I became highest bid player in ISB sports league. With 18 professional clubs and 12 social clubs, ISB gives its students exposure to activities that range from Entrepreneurship to music and painting, stimulating an overall personality.

Brilliant networking opportunity, sharing diverse experiences and gaining insights on different corporate practices across the world from my peers.

ISB has a huge Alum network that is available during Equinox and Solstice events, during which alums are hosted at ISB. I had a chance to meet an alumnus from the class of 2006 who used to play basketball and was taught by the same coach I learned from in my under-graduating days. During ILS, another event at ISB, I met the CEO of commonfloor.com and had a chance to interact with him during a taxi ride.     

MBA = Personality Development

During ISB, I learned that MBA is not only about studies but overall personality development. The placements at ISB took everyone in hyper drive mode with already existing roller coaster terms in progress. The struggle and time bound applications left an unforgettable mark that taught everyone how to manage time and perform in a timeframe.

A Big Difference

At the end, I felt that there was a considerable difference between what I came for and what I received from ISB. It was this journey that taught me how to live better, motivated me to learn new things and put me in situations that made me learn the importance of relationships and networks. It gave me a huge networking opportunity and a brand name of ISB that will always be useful to me in future. Coming from an established corporation it motivated me to accept a job at Ezetap Mobile solutions Pvt Limited, a Startup. In short, it changed me completely for good.

Simerpreet Singh


Simerpreet Singh is a student at Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad.

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