HACKFEST 2016 by Accenture & LinkedIn

Hackfest 2016


Problem solving can be fun!

At HackFest, you will have a unique opportunity to solve real-world business and human challenges with innovative and game changing ideas.

Hackfest is a high energy, fun event with food, drinks, activities, music, swag and networking. It is a fantastic opportunity to discover and showcase your talent, meet new people and shape your future.

You stand a chance to win a cool gizmo bag with products from Apple, Bose & Moto!

Are you ready to apply your creativity and imagination to solve extraordinary business and human challenges?

Registrations close on Aug 15.

What? Where? When? 

What is the Hackathon all about?

HackFest 2016 is a celebration of ideas from brilliant youngsters like YOU – who have the power to radically change the way companies think about their workforce. This non-stop 20 hour hackathon will challenge your grey cells like never before as you put forward innovative, revolutionary solutions to some of the biggest business and people challenges of today. Register NOW to experience a unique platform to show-case your ideas, learn from some fantastic industry veterans, make new friends, take home amazing prizes and a bagful of awesome memories!


When and where does it unfold?
The HackFest will begin at 3 PM on Saturday evening – September 24th in Bangalore and continue non-stop for 20 hours to 12 noon the next day (September 25th). Students from all over the country shall join hands to solve for some of the biggest human challenges of today.

Eligibility & Participation

Who is eligible to participate?
All final and pre-final year students across graduation/post-graduation courses in India are eligible to take part.

What are the qualifying rounds to the Hackfest? 

Put your thinking caps on as only the best talent will qualify!

Pre event Qualification is a 2 stage process. In stage one, you need to register and answer a qualifying question in not more than 200 words (yes, we take the word limit seriously)
Your answers will be reviewed and judged based on quality of answers, innovative thinking and feasibility of implementation. The entries with best answers will be shortlisted to Round 2. More details in questions below.
For Round 2, you will need to make and submit a short video.
Shortlisted participants from round 2 would be attending the Hackfest as Finalists!

Do I participate as an individual or as a team?
Both Rounds One and Two are individual rounds. Hackfest finalists will need to team up on the spot, at the venue (details to be shared later) to develop and present their final solutions on D-Day

What is the short-listing criteria for both the rounds mentioned above?

Stage 1 shortlisting criteria: For the Qualifying question

a. Quality of content
b. How feasible/practical is the solution/recommendation
c. Creativity / Innovativeness
d. Communication – Structure: logical flow of thought, articulation
e. Adherence to word limit

Stage 2 shortlisting criteria

a. Quality of content
b. Communication skills and body language
c. Creativity or innovativeness of the solution
d. Time management

More Details / Register – Official Site – www.hackfest2016.in



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