7 Golden Rules for Parents to help their Children do well in Board Exams

Advice to Parents

Parents are the strength of a child, especially during hard times and board exams are such an occasion. Considered to be one of the milestones of one’s life, boards can be really stressful.  Here are some simple tips for parents to ease the burden on their child in the upcoming exams and help them ace them.


#1 – Do not compare your child with others

Each one on this earth has unique qualities. Nobody can be good at every possible thing. Some children are naturally gifted with the ability to score high marks but others are not. That does not mean that any child is any less. Marks are not completely indicative of how an individual is going to fare in life. So do not compare your child with others. It is not fair at all!

#2 – Group study helps

It is time that you refresh your conservative mindsets which consider group study as a complete source of distraction. It totally depends on the group how well it wants to utilize its time. Group studies are often helpful because one thing gets diverse perspectives from many people. Somebody who is good at one topic can explain things to others and everybody can do the same. Smart studies and sheer division of labour!

#3 – Constant encouragement

Children are fragile beings who need repeated pushes from their parents in order to do something great in life. Make sure that you are one of those parents and not the constantly nagging ones who lead their children into depression and loss of confidence in oneself.

#4 – Enjoy less

Parenting involves a lot of sacrifices and at this stage also- when your child’s boards are approaching soon- you need to give up or at least cut down on your recreation. This way your child will not get distracted and not crave for the same. She will be able to concentrate better on her studies rather than on means of escaping from it.

#5 – Take care of your child’s diet

This function can be best performed by nobody but you. Feed your child healthy food and keep her away from food that can be a potential threat to her health. Have dinner together to make her feel that you are there for her every time. Do not make her feel left out from the world because this usually happens when children zone themselves out during exams.

#6 – Keep it low

Do not play loud music or television while your child is studying. You can watch your daily soaps at a lower volume. This will help your child focus more sharply and not get diverted.

#7 – Do not discuss a bad paper

If for some reason your child does badly in a particular paper, do not discuss it over and over again because what has been done cannot be undone. So it would be better to let her forget about the past papers and concentrate on the upcoming ones.


Good Luck!!

Team MentorYes


 Article by Amisha Gupta, Team MentorYes

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