CBSE Boards Result 2017: 8 types of parents and their reactions

Different reactions

The CBSE Class 12 2017 board exams result have been declared on the official website on May 28. We bring before you 8 kinds of parents according to how they react to your results. You decide which one is yours!

The CBSE Class 12 2017 board exams result have been declared on the official website on May 28. Most of the students who had appeared for the same will have a sleepless night today, some due to nervousness, anxiety, and others due to excitement. At this moment, the support of one’s parents is most important as somewhere down the line, even they have contributed by helping their ward study and score well.

More than what the neighbors would say, students are worried about their parents’ reaction. Not every parent is the same, as some may be super strict expecting their child to excel in the papers and some may still be partying hard before the result arrives, so as to cheer up and motivate their kids.

We bring before you 8 kinds of parents and it’s for you to decide that which one are yours:

#1 – God-pleasing parent

They had been keeping all kinds of fasts and visiting every place of worship, praying for you to score really well. From havans to providing free food to the needy, they have left no stone unturned to please the heavenly Father.

#2 – Comparison expert parent

You are always compared to ‘Gupta ji’s son’ and how he scores better than you. They have asked you to score well in your exams, but more than that you have been asked to get more marks than the neighbor’s son or daughter.

#3 – Gift promising parent

Be it an iPhone, a new laptop, that new bike and what not, score more than 85 and it shall be yours. It might be a way to lure you so as to good excellent marks, but for parents, it is just a motivational technique.

 #4 – Chilled out parents

These set of parents are uber cool. They believe that marks do not decide your destiny and still have complete faith that whatever score you will fetch, will make them proud.

#5 – Society fearing parents

What will the relatives and family friends say if they come to know you haven’t scored well? This question is what bothers them 24 hours. They even scare you by providing you a bleak picture of your future, in case you don’t score very well. Quite a wrong method it is.

#6 – Over-excited-for-results parents

Sometimes their too much optimism may freak you out as they have full belief that you will be the topper of your class and have informed every other known person about the same.

#7 -Over-expecting parents

Now, these parents have put forward their expectations before anything else. You anyhow have to be among the toppers of your class and make it to the merit list.

#8 – Dissatisfied parents

You score 85 and you’re gone. You score 95 and you’re gone. How much soever you score, you will still be taunted regarding those unachieved five marks.


– By Anumika Bahukhandi

Source: India Today

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