Class 12 Science Students – Tips from a Topper

Tips for Class 12 Science students

by Sanyam Chouksey, IIT Bombay

Key time for both Boards and JEE – Should I prepare for boards, or for JEE, or both now?

My answer for now would be only boards:

1 – Boards scores count in JEE Mains ranking & you need certain percentage to appear for JEE advanced moreover.

2 – Preparing for boards also gets you to revise concepts in depth, learn NCERT thoroughly (which is anyway very important from JEE Mains).

In short, preparing for boards will not only increase your marks for boards but help your JEE main preparation too, and the derivations in physics and mechanisms in chemistry may come handy in JEE main/ advanced in case you forget the formulae.

How to prepare for boards in the last few days?

  • My suggestion would be to read your notes for the topic, start with easy chapters and gradually proceed to topics you find more difficult.
  • Read and do the questions from NCERT as sometimes questions are directly picked from here.
  • Attempt previous years’ question papers. In my personal experience, CBSE often repeats the previous year’s questions – directly or in an indirect form. For instance, Physics derivations tend to repeat quite often.
  • Solve at least two sample question papers before the main exam (under exam-like conditions) as it will help you to analyse you writing speed and sorting out the mistakes you might do during the exam, this will also help.
  • The Physics and Maths papers tend to be lengthy – so speed up your writing and keep an eye on time.

No matter how much you have prepared you will be only evaluated on what you write on your answer sheet

Key Tips:

  • You have prepared well, be confident and just concentrate on writing “what you know”.
  • Before exams, have everything ready the previous night itself – two pens, pencils, sharpener, eraser, scale, water bottle, etc.
  • Get proper sleep – nothing like a 8-hour sleep to rejuvenate the brain for the exam.
  • Reach the exam centre well in time and settle down before the .
  • Say your prayers before the exam, if that calms you down.
  • Don’t mind if you are not able to do one or two questions – focus your energies on answering what you know, don’t miss those questions which you know. Don’t panic about missed opportunities – you will find a way to solve it later if you have time available.
  • Be selective and attempt those questions which you are confident about first.
  • Write neatly – the answer sheet is the only thing you will be graded on. Too much cutting or bad handwriting will have bad impression on the teacher, affecting marks also. Making your answersheet look great leaves a good impressing, helping increase your marks too.
  • If time permits underline the important phrases in your answer sheet, making boxes around answers in mathematics paper will make your paper look neat, you can also make line after each question if you have enough time this will also contribute in neatness of your answer sheet.
  • Struggling with books outside the exam hall doesn’t do any good, just stressing you out instead – so just leave your books at home and go to the exam hall with a free mind.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to leave exam hall, you have prepared a whole year for these 3 hours – utilise them fully and re-check your paper if you have time.


Some FAQs:

Are there sets?

Yes, there may be as many as ten sets of question paper

Will there be negative marking for exceeding word limit?

No, but you should stick to word limit otherwise you will not be able to complete the paper within time.

Is there step-marking ?

Yes, there is a step-marking check marking scheme issued by CBSE.

Will the pattern of examination be different this year?

CBSE issues Sample Question Papers each year. These sample papers are designed to give a general overview of the year’s paper design and weightages.

Is it necessary to write answers in a serial order?

No, it is not necessary – but it leaves a good impression on the evaluator. Try to do it if you are confident of the answers. If you find some difficult questions, you can change the sequence.

Sanyam Chouksey


Sanyam Chouksey scored exceptionally well in Boards and is currently a student at IIT Bombay.


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