What ISB means to me

by Simerpreet Singh, ISB
Like most fresh graduates, I also joined a corporation that hired me after campus interviews. I took my first corporate steps with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited where I worked as Assistant Manager (Sales) before joining ISB.

Cracking MDI Gurgaon

How I Cracked MDI Gurgaon!

by Vivek Agarwal, MDI Gurgaon
The cut-off for MDI Gurgaon during my time was 94.5%ile. Just like other B-schools, MDI is also moving towards a selection model that lays more emphasis on your profile and interview performance.
The selection process

GDPI-WAT Article

My GD-PI-WAT Process at MDI Gurgaon

by Kashish Narula, PGPM 2015-17, MDI Gurgaon
This being my first experience sharing article, I opted to share my experience of GD-PI-WAT first at MDI Gurgaon as this is my alma mater and one of the most reputed B-schools of

Journey to SJMSOM

How I FINALLY became an IITian (SJMSOM)

by Annant Jain, SJMSOM
We work hard for almost a year, juggle between office work and studies, sacrifice many eventful trips with friends even though we have money in our pockets and all we get in return are those 20 minutes

FMS Interview

5 Most-Important Tips for FMS PI

by Abhay Agarwal, FMS Delhi
Getting a good percentile is the first step in your journey towards MBA but it is now that the real competition starts. You compete for a seat with people of almost the same IQ. Thus,