From Sociology to HR

From Sociology to HR at TISS Mumbai

by Sanah Behera, TISS
On the day of my interview at TISS, I was one of the last interviewees for the day. Interview durations were ranging from anywhere between 20 to 45 minutes. In that long wait, a lot of thoughts

Cracking MDI Gurgaon

How I Cracked MDI Gurgaon!

by Vivek Agarwal, MDI Gurgaon
The cut-off for MDI Gurgaon during my time was 94.5%ile. Just like other B-schools, MDI is also moving towards a selection model that lays more emphasis on your profile and interview performance.
The selection process

GDPI-WAT Article

My GD-PI-WAT Process at MDI Gurgaon

by Kashish Narula, PGPM 2015-17, MDI Gurgaon
This being my first experience sharing article, I opted to share my experience of GD-PI-WAT first at MDI Gurgaon as this is my alma mater and one of the most reputed B-schools of

Admissions to ISB

Keep these in mind while applying to ISB

by Kunal Anand, ISB Hyderabad
Indian School of Business is unlike any other business school, and I am sure that this fact applies to almost all the B-schools out there but it is more prominent in the context of India.

HR Interviews

The Secret of Cracking HR Interviews

by TR Srinath, VGSOM, IIT-KGP
“There are 3 rules one must follow to crack an interview.
But, unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” –Anonymous
“Tell me about yourself.” “Why should I select you?” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”