9 Tips for Success in JEE

by Vinit Sharswat
The most important thing a student should understand is that JEE is not tough. You need to maintain your concentration level and study smartly. Study and focus are quite interrelated. If you are able to focus more,

IIT JEE – The Best Books

by Utkarsh Kumar Singh
Hello guys, firstly loads of appreciation to you all availing the access and need to this article because nevertheless, you guys are perhaps the best bunch of brains that India have. I’m sure most of you

IIT JEE – Crossing the Finish Line

by Rupank Pahuja
Maybe the best person to advise on last minute preparation is the one who messed up in this critical period.
I know that the time between JEE Mains and JEE Advanced is very important. Let me give you

6 week study plan to ace IIT JEE Advanced

6-Week Study Plan to Ace JEE Advanced

by Shubham Gupta
First of all, congratulations to all the folks who have done well in JEE MAINS and are awaiting the results. Once this stage is cleared, it’s time for a tougher one. Clearing JEE ADVANCED requires some key