Rapid Learning & Solving

by Vivek Verma
“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”
If you want to perform better than others, prepare differently. To crack one of the toughest entrance exams, you need speed.
Some points that I followed during my JEE preparation

IIT JEE – Recommended Books

by Vivek Verma
Before giving the details about the books that helped me crack JEE Advanced, I would like to give a general advice to all JEE aspirants to study NCERT books thoroughly for Physics and Chemistry. The NCERT books

iit jee absolutely essential books

IIT JEE – The Absolutely Essential Books

by Somesh Mohapatra
The whole choice of Resources for the JEE Preparation brings in a tirade of thoughts, suggestions, and talks from seniors, teachers and all around. Sometimes, in the idea of getting the best for us and preparing in

How I Made it to an IIT

How I made it to IIT

by Subodh Sharma
What would it feel like to become the very first student from your locality to crack the most prestigious entrance exam in the country?  Well, that really sounds great, right?
I did have that very proud moment

How I prepared for IIT JEE

by Vivek Verma
Coaching played a key role
I had joined coaching classes for preparation. The coaching is situated in Kanpur named “Bhabha Classes for IIT JEE”. The coaching was more helpful for me to understand the concepts especially for

Shock 1, Shock 2, Shock 3 and then IIT

by Ankur Shree
Shock 1
“Coaching is closed buddy – it won’t reopen!”
An attack from a bazooka would have been easier to bear at that moment of time. This was the 26th of January 2015, just 4 months before the