What happens to IIT toppers?

Every year, millions of Indian students give up on sleep, sport and much more to prepare for one of the toughest tests on the planet—the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Joint Entrance Examination. Ultimately, only 0.7% of these candidates make the cut

HR Interviews

The Secret of Cracking HR Interviews

by TR Srinath, VGSOM, IIT-KGP
“There are 3 rules one must follow to crack an interview.
But, unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” –Anonymous
“Tell me about yourself.” “Why should I select you?” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

Journey to SJMSOM

How I FINALLY became an IITian (SJMSOM)

by Annant Jain, SJMSOM
We work hard for almost a year, juggle between office work and studies, sacrifice many eventful trips with friends even though we have money in our pockets and all we get in return are those 20 minutes

MBA Admissions

Cracking the MBA Entrance Exams – My Journey

by Prathmesh Deshmukh, MDI Gurgaon
MBA – the three initials that are associated with better career opportunities, better professional networking, acquisition of new knowledge and skills, and of course an increase in monetary remuneration – has attracted the attention of a

Decisions for Life

by Sanchit Jalan
Congratulations for your fabulous victory. Your hard work has truly paid off. You deserve every bit of it.
Now after clearing JEE ADVANCED, the biggest and the most genuine question in the minds of every upcoming IIT-ian